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get rid of the car

easier said than done. Car payments suck.

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Stay with parents for just 1

Stay with parents for just 1 year, use the saved money for investing and then leave

Investing in silver right?

Investing in silver right?

I feel your pain

I am 26 and stay with my mom. Although my situtation is a bit different than yours in that she is a widow. I pay several of the house hold bills (she honestly doesnt have the extra to pay them) and she kinda leans on me for the yard work. I am trying to get into full time church ministry so at this point even if I wanted to and mom could afford all the bills I could not afford to live on my own with my current job. The bad part about this is my brother and sister are upset with me. My brother doesnt understand why I stay at home (by the way I am gone from 6 in the morning until 11 at night most days), and my sister doesnt understand why I dont pay all the bills and give mom 800 a month.

My advice is just do your best. Go to church and help out, take over an elementary Sunday school class or something. If there is something you always wanted to do, do it (I always wanted to do karate so I am), Hang out with friends, read a book, because once you get married and start having youngins then you will no longer have the free time to do what you want to do. If you live at home you will not as financially burdened and should have the free time to improve yourself. ANd when the time comes you will have lots of places to find Mrs. right.

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The Virtual Conspiracy

I'd say stay and save til you find someone to marry

then buy a place if you can.

you know,

gold and silver ain't money :0 :)

Independence is worth its

Independence is worth its weight in gold.

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Move out bro! Independence is the way to go!

Move out bro! Independence is the way to go!

It's expensive though. Rent

It's expensive though. Rent is just throwing away money you could save for a house.

That's just only one of the reasons why it is respectable to be

That's just only one of the reasons why it is respectable to be independent. Because it is not always the easy route, and therefor it shows in many ways how proficient you can handle things. For your man spirit and future interdependence family life I personally believe it is the wisest thing to strife for--the independence--if so realistically possible. Of course, follow your own heart, you probably know your own situation best.

Well I am planning to get a

Well I am planning to get a roommate sometime this year or next. I am just trying now to get a head start on buying silver, then plan to move out.

A roommate is a great idea.

It cuts your rent in half. Do it now, but DON'T live with a girlfriend. That is wishy-washy and just strings her along. Not fair to live in limbo. If you find a girl you want to marry, put a ring on her finger and do it right.

BTW--If you are interested in marriage in the future, it is a LOT easier to attract eligible ladies when you have a place of your OWN, instead of living with parents. A wife will be a major asset to your life, so consider the increased cost of being independent as an INVESTMENT in your future.

Just my two cents, again! :)

Ann in Florida

I would if I could afford it.

I would if I could afford it. Rent is just so expensive, plus I can't find a roommate.

Yes, but you would be poorer

Yes, but you would be poorer in the long run. I did live on my own for a year and it didn't work out, too many bills and a lot lower standard of living.

Find a lady

Dude, your number one priority should be to find a nice lady. Maybe you can find one with a good job and some money too. Then you can move out and give your folks a break. Just one requirement though: she has to like Ron Paul ;)

Yes been doing that, but it

Yes been doing that, but it has been difficult lol

which is amazing...

because all the Ron Paul girls I have seen have been smoking hotties!

My father got tipped off to the silver shortage in the late 50's

He died waiting for the manipulation schemes to end.
I stacked silver in a small way since 1980, got serious (an ounce a month) in 2007. I just sold it for a well. Silver is precious, one day humanity will understand how precious and finally understand that paper silver is not silver and when that day comes, silver prices will soar. But you and I may not live to see that day.
Stack it as you can, but live your life.
And for the love of Pete, stop taking advantage of your parents. They love you and will not throw you out, but they want you to GROW UP and HAVE A GOOD LIFE. If you were there caring for their medical needs or paying their bills, that would be fine. Letting them pay "most of your bills" makes them feel like they failed, I promise. What would you do if they suddenly died? Go ahead and do that now, and make them proud to see you stand on your own rather than worry who will care for you when they die.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Great comment. That is so true.

Yes, please give your parents the gift and the reward of your independence.

Ann in Florida

The average lifespan of fiat

The average lifespan of fiat currency is 27 years. We already past 40 years. We are bound to return to a gold/silver standard in the near future. Besides, they want me to stay home, because it would be cheaper driving from home to work than paying rent. We already calculated it.

Move out

Rent something close to work. You need to be independent, and living with your parents and having them pay your bills is not a good thing.

Also, about Silver, Dr. Paul is absoultely right IF we didn't have a fractional reserve system. Because we do, then silver is will go up and down, and boom and bust just like every other asset class. The reason is that you can buy it with money OR credit, and credit fluctatues in a fractional reserver system.

Therefore, don't keep everything in silver (10-20% of your assets, but you should also look to land, other hard assets), and move out and become independnet (when silver becomes money again like you say, then you will NEED to be independent)

See no problem staying at home.

Start paying your parents a little rent to cover your expenses and to see what it is like to have a house payment. Besides, sounds like you will be inheriting the house when they pass away and if the house is big enough you would be there even if married to take care of your parents in their old age.

Buy a multi-unit close to work with as much land as you can find

A four family or a two family, prices are down now, but the coming inflation will allow you to pay back with cheap dollars. Interest rates are low, so get a 30 fixed. Put as little down as you can and still keep a positive cash flow.


...I don't like living with my parents that much and want my own place...

So you are using your parents to save money?

Um, as a parent that makes my heart hurt...

27, job, don't like living with your folks--> time to leave the nest if only to assume some responsibility when your parents are no longer able to support you. Saving money isn't the only goal in life.

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Yes move out to be struggling

Yes move out to be struggling while not being able to pay my bills back, which in turn, will ruin my credit. Sounds like a rational plan to me!

Well I am saving money to buy

Well I am saving money to buy a HOUSE! Renting is a waste of money.

driving an hour to work is a

driving an hour to work is a waste of time. Time vs. money..

It's actually cheaper driving

It's actually cheaper driving to work than paying rent, plus I don't have to pay for food and utilities being at home.

Parents paying for your food and utilities?

Why aren't you paying your own way, if you have a job? You are saving money but losing your dignity.

Ann in Florida