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I would say that the fiscally responsible thing

would be to stay home. However, its not all about waiting for shtf. If you have a good relationship with your family, then there is no reason to leave. Personally, there are times I wish that I lived with my parents still, but at the same time, I want my own stuff and my freedom. You only live for a short time on this earth and you should try to enjoy it. I have trouble sometimes balancing my fear of economic destruction and living my life care free. I would say that it is good to be prepared for an emergency, but don't waste away your life in fear. Its not worth it. I know this goes against what most say, but there is something to be said for taking care of yourself.

I'm just gonna say it....

This man is 27 and his parents are paying off his loans and paying his bills and he is buying silver and a car.

does anyone else see this? Or is it just me??

ryno.t1985 you are lucky to have such giving and (I would assume) loving parents. Keep them.

Yes, I never realized this

Yes, I never realized this before, but my parents keep telling me that I am a lot better off than most kids. Everyone else is living pay check to pay check, when I have accumulated over 200 ounces of silver, while only paying $400 a month on a car payment with 0 interest. I have good credit as well. I know being financially secure, another side of me wants to be on my own and follow the crowd. I'm afraid if I stay home too long I will be single forever, and I don't want that.

stay some months or years more with your parents

maybe not more then 30 years old and save on gold and silver up to then.
Gold and silver will go up in relation to prices and you will be able to buy more(size/quality) with your saved gold and silver.

Maybe you should ask your parents first....

They have no obligation to take care of you now as a 27 year old man. If you are a good kid and your parents don't mind you staying with them (under their rules), then it would be wise to stay and help out as a "family." It is a no brainer that you would save money. With the SHTF hitting the fan soon you would be safer in your family unit as well.

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If You're Buying Silver...

If you're storing your wealth in Silver, you have it on your mind that SHTF will be upon us within the next couple years or earlier. You mention moving closer/in to the city. So are you collecting silver, or are you saving your wealth in silver? If you're saving your wealth; Preserving purchasing power in physical silver...why would you want to place yourself closer to the city? The city is the last place you want to be when the time is required to exchange goods/services for physical silver.

Keep on keeping on at your parents' place in my humble opinion. Your gut knows what to do. I've contemplated moving BACK IN with my parents because just the rent/utilities savings vs. cost of travel is better. Plus, I wont be stuck in the cities when it really matters.

I'd say your parents have a decent established home? Land? Current on mortgage, own the house maybe? That's a much better place to be when hyper-inflationary times come upon us. That's when you're glad you preserved your wealth in physical silver.

Unless you can buy a house or condo with no liens on it

(i.e. no mortgage)AND have enough saved to pay utilities, insurance, property taxes, furniture and appliances... stay put. Even if you can do all that, stay put. You have time to sock it away. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Stay put.

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You're 24. Be a man. Move out.

Gold and silver won't do you any good in a depression if you don't know how to survive on your own (without your parents) during prosperous times (and yes, even though the economy sucks right now, we are still extremely prosperous and blessed).

That's my advice!

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Stay Home! ! ! !

It is likely that things will get alot worse. Even if RP becomes president things are going to get bed. Europe is toast and there will be serious consequences coming here and that doesn't take into account all the bad stuff thats happening here.

Even as low as the housing prices are today, they have NOT bottomed out yet. (Check out zerohedge.com to bring you up to date on all the market stuff) If you can hangout longer, you'll save thousands.

If things do crash, you can help protect the homefront which will be hard to do an hour away! Buy silver. Gold is excellent but IF there is a crash you'll come out better having silver. The first thing you should buy is a 40mm handgun and a 20ga. shotgun with a pistol grip. The shotgun is for mom. The pistol grip increases mobility inside the house. Take her to a range to get used to it.

Hope this is helpful

Best of luck.

p.s. Lots of ammo!


Think about buying a on/off motorcycle. The money you save on gas will pay for the bike. Commuting will be less of a drag and it'll give great mobility in choatic times. The chics loves em.

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Stay living at home for as long as you can

That is my advice. Rent is the biggest expense a person has. You never really understand what a huge burden rent is until you have to pay it.

If your parents are willing to help you out with paying your loans, I think that is wonderful. You are lucky.

But an hour long commute is pretty long. I wouldn't be able to stand that. I'd have to live closer, but I wouldn't buy a new house or condo at this point, because I don't think the housing collapse is over. Prices have already come down quite a bit, but I think they'll slide more over the next decade. There is no rush to buy a house, imo. Unless you can find a spectacular deal: A foreclosed duplex, for example, where you could rent one unit out, and have your tenant pay off most of your mortgage.

Most people think their house is an asset. It is not. An asset is something that puts money into your pocket. In this environment, since we're unlikely to go back to the era of high appreciation, a house is more of a liability. It will cost you: taxes, repairs maintenance, etc. A house is really a consumption item.

A cheap duplex, on the other hand, puts money into your pocket, or at least helps you live for free. If you can't do the duplex, a 3 or 4 bedroom single family might be just as good, if you can rent out the other rooms out, and have your roommates cover your mortgage payment. You might even be able to just rent a house and do the same.

But I wouldn't buy a condo. You may as well just rip a hole in your pocket and let the money pour out.

This is a tough economy, and you have to be creative; think outside the box. Money is tight and it is scarce. Never waste it if you don't have to.

At some point, prices for everything are going to collapse (after the hyperinflation, or before), and you want to be in a position to scoop up super cheap assets, but you need to be liquid when that time comes.

Just my two cents.

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you wrote, and why it would be wise to stay home. My only concern is that since I am 27, and have only briefly lived on my own at most for a year, (like some of the posters just mentioned) staying with my parents makes trying to find a wife a lot harder. My parents live so far away from everything, and back when I lived in the city briefly on my own a year or so ago, it was a lot easier to meet people, since I lived right in the middle of everything.

The foreclosed duplex idea sounds good.

It would give you some additional monthly income.

You need to get out on your own and into the city, where you will meet other young people. I recommend trying to find a better job and getting a roommate or two.

What if your parents bought a duplex in the city? Maybe you could live there and manage the property in exchange for free rent?

Ann in Florida


own a house that is cheaper than rent or gives positive cash flow...ASSET ...I like the multi unit idea. have others pay your rent

This is very,very good advice

I know because my adult children are having a hell of a time out on their own and they have great jobs,it is still very hard and paycheck to paycheck to get by. But they insisted to be independent without any help from anyone including Mom and Dad.

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stay with the 'rents.

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Wait for the election to be

Wait for the election to be over, continue buying silver, be a good guy and give some money to your parents as they are currently putting a roof over your head and paying off your student loans. Being responsible for a car payment/insurance is nice, but you're not 16 anymore. Anyway, before the silver bubble pops, sometime this decade, sell your silver and pay cash for a home and pay off your student loans. That's not to say you have to wait that long to buy a house, but if you can continue to stockpile silver too, you should be able to pay if off before the bubble pops and your student loans too :).

At 16, I didn't even own a

At 16, I didn't even own a car. I relied on one of my parents old cars. It wasn't until a year ago until I bought my very first car at 25 years old.

I'm confused. I thought cash

I'm confused. I thought cash is supposed to become worthless?

That's still a LONG ways off!

That's still a LONG ways off! At least 20 or 30 years! Now there WILL be 10%+ inflation in about 2 or 3 years that will run until the late part of this decade. Buy a little when it is going down, BUT SELL a little as it is going up. Silver WILL go BELOW $20 an oz over the next 2 years, buy the most then!

I thought I heard the dollar

I thought I heard the dollar will crash in the next 2 to 8 years max. That's what I watched online about silver. Am I wrong? 20 to 30 years is a real long time.

Well, you probably heard

Well, you probably heard that, but do you really think they are going to help the little guy make money? Do you really think that valuable, money making information is disseminated out to the regular Joe's? If so, you haven't been paying attention! Actually, over the next 2 years, as the world economy slides back into the post-stimulus depression, the US dollar will rise to heights not seen in 10 years due to the world seeking safety in the dollar! The USD will reach 110 or higher. And the people that give out free information will take the money of the regular Joe's that placed their bets according to that information. Just because you hear something doesn't make it true, and in money, if you bet the opposite way of what they tell you, you will do better most of the time. They are wrong, and you are wrong to listen to them. Over the next two years, the world economy slips back into a depression, the dollar rises as people seek safety, this cause precious metals to fall. At the bottom, the maximum point of fear, buy, because it will be like March 6, 2009 all over again except we will then have a wave of strong inflation coming that will raise the markets and PM to much greater heights. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Mike Maloney was saying that.

Mike Maloney was saying that. I was watching online that he was saying after 2 to 8 years that the gold and silver bull market is done. That means by that time silver and gold will be money again and the dollar worthless right?

Nobody knows when the dollar will crash.

I think they can keep the dollar going a lot longer than 2 to 8 years. Don 't put all your eggs in one basket. Try to buy hard assets on the cheap, which can protect savings, but also have steady sources of income.

Ann in Florida

Do you have any links about...

...silver going down in next 2 years? I haven't heard that yet?

If there is a link, don't

If there is a link, don't believe it!
If you hear what I am telling you from any financial guru, that means it is then invalid!

I think so too - so keep

I think so too - so keep buying silver - which part did I confuse you on - I seem to do that sometimes...

A house is an anchor. You can

A house is an anchor. You can never be free of the threat of higher property taxes. If the price of houses continues to fall, you will be trapped if you have a mortgage.

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

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Phew, I'll meet you there

People in this thread are talking to themselves too much.