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You should just get an

You should just get an apartment. It's tough to get approved for a house right now. But also, after the "collapse" who knows what homes will cost. I'm self-employed but I'm thinking of taking a job. I just hate the application/hire process because I've not been "in the market" for so long. I don't remember the dates I worked where and don't wanna remember either, lol.

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Start paying your parents what you would pay for an apartment.

That way you will learn if you can afford it, and learn personal responsibility.

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They are willing to buy one

They are willing to buy one for me. And I don't understand why people on here says it is a form of welfare. It's inheritance, not welfare. I did mention I'm working and I couldn't afford a place of my own without their help.

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LOL, since your parents are paying your bills off,

maybe you should be talking with them about this, eh?

They are paying my student

They are paying my student loans. I'm paying for my car.


House prices should go up because of inflation but so will utilities and maintenance.

Obviously taxes will go up. can you afford them? Lol

Marc Faber had a suggestion on FOX several months ago......

'Buy a 5-bedroom house and rent out the rooms to concubines.'

Marc did state that this was a 'most urgent matter' LMAO


We have a 4,400 sq. foot

We have a 4,400 sq. foot house and we are building extra rooms to our house. They originally wanted to convert the house into a bed and breakfast.


That is a huge house. Good idea on the B+B if you are in a good location. Give you good job there as well, helping out and all. Who knows you could become a real life Bob Newhart :)


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Don't forget Dr. Paul's admonition to have fun

working for freedom -- and preparing for it as well, I'd expect him to think.

You need to sort out what's in your own heart. None of us has a crystal ball. If you want to start building a great garden and have a location you think would be advantageous in times of turmoil -- and if you trust your state to not raise property taxes exorbitantly, buying land could be a good diversification of your investments, maybe a hedge against inflation. The experts give mixed advice, but your personal situation is probably what counts most.

I live in Florida, I do have

I live in Florida, I do have a garden at my parents place. This place I wanted to get was a Condo in the city. If everything goes bad next year, then staying home in a rural area would be better?

If everything goes bad next year

you won't want to be in the city. I'm 50/50 on the property thing, if inflation hits, and you have a low rate locked in ...then your rent will be, in effect cheaper. Trust your own instincts and don't make decisions on what everyone says you "should" be doing. When I was your age, everyone said that I "should" be buying a house (at the top of the market). And don't listen to the people who are giving you a hard time about your parents helping you out. That's what families do.

if you've never lived in an apartment

try it before you buy a condo.

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If you can buy a home while the homes...

...are still valued much lower than the 2000 market, you have a good job, and desire independence then go for a home. However, if you get along great with your parents and they don't mind having you there, you will help them out with things they need done, maybe buy a little silver for them then stay with them for a while. It's all up to what you want and what they want.

I do desire my own

I do desire my own independence. I pretty much have no life other than work, because my parents live so far away from the city and civilization. Before when I was unemployed living with them, it was making me go insane lol. If it would be wiser to stay with them for the time being, I will, if everything is supposed to go to hell next year.

Nothing wrong with waiting to see!

Sometimes your own gut feeling will tell you what you should do. After weighing all the advice from these comments, the picture will become more clear to you! Seems like you have a good relationship with your parents because they don't mind you there. Parents have your best interest at heart & want your greatest success. If they are good at finances, their advice would probably be the best to take.

They are good at finances,

They are good at finances, the best Ive known. But on the other hand, there is a side of me where I want to live closer with all the other young people are, which is in the city, and everything to do. I just feel isolated from them.

Maybe you can plan your weekends...

...staying with your friends till you decide what your going to do. Just offer to buy the pizza and beer or whatever. It sucks to live depressed.

Don't look at any property until after the election.

Look to pay off all debts and save as much as you can.... Wait until next year to see if we have a collapse in the financial markets.

Housing is going to collapse

Housing is going to collapse another 50 to 75% BUY SILVER

So you're saying

you are using your parents as welfare? That money you're saving for silver, you should give half to your parents.


Try Facebook or Dr. Phil.

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