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Mitt Romney is the the candidate of ChANgE

Surely he is the Candidate of change... Seeing he changes his mind on every issue he speaks about!!!
I can't believe ANY American could vote for him... If he can't tell the truth now, what does that say about the future?? What do these lies say about his moral character??
Keep in mind... The way John McCain beat Romney was by Exposing the Extreme flip-flopping Mitt does everyday.
Dr Paul needs to make Romney look like a fool in TV ads or at the next debate. There are enough reporters that bash Romney for flip flopping in 2008 that we could make a clever ad that not only discredits Romney, but also discredits the hypocritical mEdia.


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LOL...I first read the title as

(Because of the way you used the Caps in the word Change)
"Mitt Romney is the candidate of Cheney"