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Helping spread the word in Indiana!

I'm happy that today I was able give my huge box of super brochures and about 150 bumper stickers away! I had them delivered to me a month ago thanks to some very awesome DPers! THANKS! So today I was emailing a lady in near Randolph! She delivered a bunch to the Fort Wayne area and is delivering more around the state! I still have a bunch left for my county which I hope to give out soon and on the day of the primary.

I'm also hoping to be a delegate! Slots are still open! Wish me luck!

Ron Paul 2012!!!!

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give out

If you are giving out things this might change peoples mind and vote Paul:


Thank You

I got some of the brochures and bumper stickers that you sent! I want to thank you publicly for your generosity and the effort you have put in to spread the truth! Many people will be informed because of you! Thanks again and good luck becoming a delegate!!

I'm Free In Jesus Christ

in Dayton

I have brochures and bumper sticker with me, anyone in Indiana need them? have to happen fast.