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Ron Paul in a new poll !

Is there a way for the Paul campaign (or us, the grassroots, or a PAC) to pay a private, reputable, independent polling company to conduct a serious nationwide poll of Paul vs. Obama, or just in the swing states, to see which way they would go if it where Obama vs. Paul? This is what we need, in my opinion. The people backing Romney mainly do so just because they "think" he has the best chance of beating Obama! If we could PROVE that it is actually Ron Paul that can best beat Obama, AND get some media exposure (maybe a campaign ad built around it in some of the up coming states, or flyers to the 4% of the population that votes in the primary) THIS alone could put us over the top! Face it, Romney supporters are NOT looking at the issues, record, consistency, integrity, honesty, or stances of their candidate, they're just are not that involved! The thing they have most in common is that the TeeVee told them Romney had the best chance at beating Obama, that's it!

Imagine a "scary" commercial of Obama being sworn in, the date is Jan. 20th, 2013, ominous music plays, two Republicans are talking, they say "Why didn't we pay attention to the polls, it was obvious months ago?" They turn and walk away as the sky darkens, the TeeVee shows a newspaper blowing in the wind and zooms in showing a poll with Paul winning over Obama 49 to 43, and Romney losing to Obama 45 to 46! FEAR, it's what motivates people and moves them!

Check out this poll: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/2012_...

Romney is going to get shellacked! If the republican base could be informed of one simple issue, the fact that Paul wins and Mitt loses, it could turn this race around OVER NIGHT! If you see the logic here, vote this UP! We HAVE to start WINNING!

PS. If ANYONE from the campaign reads this, what can we Texas state delegates do to get Ron Paul to speak at our convention like he did for Nevada?

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Same thing everywhere...

I talked to 4 people at church that said, "I just want someone that can beat Obama." I tried to explain the crowds and the polling among independents (because these people do not really care to discuss the issues), but they are so skeptical because everything they hear on Faux and talk-radio tells them something different. It is really frustrating. However, I will continue to try. Do not expect a win for Ron Paul in Indiana (after all, this is the Mid-west). I just REALLY hope he has a pretty good showing and that thousands more come to know true liberty. We are working our butts off getting the message out before Tuesday. Pray that my fellow "Christians" will feel so convicted that they simply cannot check the box next to Mitt Romney. We have an uphill battle...Luckily, a lot of states are much more accepting of the liberty message and a little more willing to "think outside the box".

Just another person trying to change the world... :)

It should also poll Romney vs

It should also poll Romney vs Obama and Gary Johnson thrown in. Johnson may not pull tons of votes but he will pull more from Romney, but I don't think he would pull many from Paul although I think he would potentially not even run if Paul go the nomination but I still think those that vote Johnson are the ones that vote Paul so the poll wouldn't hurt Paul as much and show a bigger gap in Romney's chances vs Obama.

This is not meant as a support for Johnson but shows that his support assuming he is in the running when the elections come about which he more than likely will be widens Romney's loss to Obama. Hardly any polls done so far have included him but the few that did hurt Romney's showing alot.

If Paul is not on the ballot

I think Johnson will draw at least 25% of Paul's support. Not only would that mean the best-ever result for the LP but it would probably exceed the difference between Romney and Obama. If Paul is the nominee I think the LP vote would be insignificant.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

When he IS polled by the

When he IS polled by the others, he rarely does better than Romney. (one time in the last 2 months.) Therefore you want to spend a lot of money for someting that has about a 90% chance of backfiring.

That's funny.

Anytime I have ever seen polling data that shows Paul v. Obama, he has consistently been within the margin of error against Obama.

Think about this for a minute.

We're talking about a candidate that has had virtually ZERO backing from the establishment of the party, and the few times since the race began his name was actually mentioned in the media, it was always with the attachment "he can't win."

Just imagine if the party wouldn't have been actively working against Ron Paul for a minute where he'd be. Just imagine where Paul would be today if he merely had even-handed coverage.

Obama would be reserving his U-Haul trailers right now with just one of those two factors in place.

Yet, despite a hostile party, and a hostile media, Paul is even with Obama? That says A LOT!

Hmm... a member for 7 hours

Hmm... a member for 7 hours with all negative posts? Why not start a post telling us why you support the moderate "progressive" candidate?

The incoming response?

" He can beat obama! "

RMoney is absolute garbage at attracting independents, and democrats who have fallen out of line.. disillusioned from Obummy's terrible term in office. Nobody's going to unite behind someone who is barely different than the clown in the oval office.

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There are 10 swing states

There are 10 swing states that will decide this race. There's a reason they are called swing states, there are a lot of independents in them that could "swing" either way! Paul does BEST with independents! If we just polled the swing states, I'll bet money that Paul beats Romney by 8% in those most important states. This doesn't diminish the validity of the poll, but removes states in which there will be no competition. In the scheme of things, the amount of money for the poll shouldn't be that much. A state wide ad would be expensive, but worth it if my 8% prediction is right.

Wow, this is brilliant. I'm

Wow, this is brilliant. I'm willing to pitch in for this. Any way we could get this to the right people (campaign and/or SuperPAC)?

This could be a 30 second ad

This could be a 30 second ad and at the end it says, "Go to Paulpoll.com while you still have a chance!" At the website we show the poll and explain how Paul pulls in the independents and minorities at rates double that of Romney. Maybe some pictures of Paul's of recent rallys and a little about the true delegate scores. Nothing about positions needed at this late point, it's about stopping Obama now, and there's only one way to do that, go vote for Ron Paul in your upcoming primary on ____(DATE)____!

Electoral Map

I had a discussion with a Romney supporter earlier today, and the question came up about California. I told him that many of the positions that Ron Paul holds could flip CA to the Republican Side for the first time since 1988. Well, needless to say, he said that he would vote for Paul in the general election.

Ron Paul represents a political realignment. We haven't had a true realignment since 1932.

I am not sure if Paul could

I am not sure if Paul could actually get California to flip from democrat. I think thats a tall order, would love if it were true but I think Democrats have had a large enough lead that its not likely to be overcome. On the other hand though some states like Oregon, Washington, Minnesota which usually are more in that 5 percentage point leaning democrat states are fairly strong Paul areas I think and would be potential ones for him to flip. But would have to see recent polling as you know the polls often only do Romney vs Obama and never include one with Paul or they are very old many from last year. Also those are still pretty large states.

Again this is just speculation on my part, unfortunately not enough data to go on and I don't think the big polling firms really want to get that data or believe that data is important.

Paul may be likelier to take California

as a Libertutionist than a Republican. Californians are more virulently anti-Rep than they are pro-Dem, particularly.

In California, Paul is likelier to beat Rama AND Obomney, than he is to best Marat one on one as the Republican nominee. In Alta California Paul's portion could approach or surpass 50%, and even in Orange County, against the bipartisan bazoos, he'd still get near 35%.

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The point is

There is no way that Romney could flip California. But at least Dr. Paul has a chance to get it to flip.

Keep in mind that many people do not even know Dr. Paul is anti-war in the other parties. Most Democrats assume that all Republicans are warmongers.


I like the commercial imagery you presented! And I'm with you on getting Ron Paul to speak in Ft. Worth at the State Convention. So many Texas Republicans really don't like Romney, but most of them are brainwashed by the MSM. Ron Paul giving a speech at the convention will persuade many of the former Santorum, Perry and Gingrich supporters to vote for our RP delegates. Maybe a few blinded by Romney will see the light and join in our cause.


That's the best idea for a tv ad I've heard of so far!

It is like you are like

It is like you are like Rainman in your understnading of the money involved. To not only pay for the commerical, but the polling itself (IF it turns out the way you want) would be FAR more money than Ron Paul has raised in the last month. That is, unless you want to run the commercial at 3:00 in the morning or something. But if you want any kind of campaign wher you reach viewers, it would cost more than Ron Paul Or the Super PACs have available right now.


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