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What to do if your vote is stolen

Fellow DPers,
We have a friend, a real patriot who would like a little feedback and advice. He says that he recently found out that his vote and the more than TWENTY 'new republicans' that he rounded out to come vote at this small precinct were not counted at our PPP because, well, who knows why? They 'legally' filled out the paperwork to become Republicans on the night of the PPP as we were doing all over our state, and somehow they go 'set aside' and never counted! This was discovered at the Convention months later. He was also kicked out as a delegate after paying BIGTIME for he and his wife and kids to drive 8 hours to the convention.

He asked me to make a post asking if this happened to anyone else, and what should be done about it. He is so angry. He waited years to be able to vote for Dr. Paul and then that vote was STOLEN.

Let's help out a true patriot here (he's the one that gave up the Hawaii vacation to pour thousands into Ron Paul's campaign). He has given it everything he's got for the sake of liberty, and he keeps getting the short end.

Please bump this even if you don't have an answer.

Thank you friends.

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Without video/pics/proof there is little to do...

Everything around every Paul delegate needs to be filmed with a Main camera, a backup camera, and a voice recorder too... Every waking second... If you don't catch the proof, it's all for naught.


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Add this...

...to the pile of corruptions to be investigated and reported to HQ.


Take names and kick butt?

Do you know the names of those who mishandled your paperwork?

Are you talking about taking legal action?

If this happened to others, I'm sure it would be rare for them to know about it!

How did you discover this?

When it is a state Preferential Poll, can there be a legal recourse, anyone know?