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Nevada State Convention - Late-night Ousting of Ron Paul Delegates

Hey Ron Paul supporters -

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this but I just received a call from Ron Paul's campaign HQ in Reno letting me know that the current convention is undergoing even more chaos; I was asked me to head down there (at 11:30pm PST) to stand firm against attempts to restrict the unbinding of delegates. I was a registered county delegate with the intent to be a state delegate but was unable to make it for yesterday's commencement.

I did spend several hours at the convention today and heard from several sources about the counterfeit voting cards being passed out by the Romney campaign to guests so that they could cast extra votes. This has of course already been discussed in the comments section, but I thought it was worth posting the latest news about the GOP's attempts to undermine the unbinding nature of the Nevada delegate process.

I was able to get a few pictures from Paul's speech and will be happy to provide them. FYI, there were a lot more RP supporters than Romney supporters today. Hence the continued undoing of the playbook, presumably.

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They are

counting on you NOT to Get up early tommorrow and be there.... Be early please... Our Country is depending on you! OOHRAH Double doule ... I suppose they can hear it twice

They are

counting on you NOT to Get up early tommorrow and be there.... Be early please... Our Country is depending on you! OOHRAH

battle born

Silver state delegates. Get your asses home.... Sleep, There will be Ron Paul starbucks in the am..... Please... No partying.... THere will be a time for that. Call em' in the am..... AYE!

They passed a motion that bylaws could not be changed prior to -

Before we won the vote to reject the bylaw committee report, there was a motion to CEASE ALL NEW CHANGES TO THE BYLAWS. This was the vote we should have called for a division and count on. We did not. The chair upheld this as passed.

There maybe an out - In trying to learn parlimentary rules - "If you think that the assembly should give further consdieration to a matter already voted upon - move that it be reconsidered.

Did not pass 480 x 520 or

Did not pass 480 x 520 or something like that

The motion to accept the report and prevent any new amendments

to the by-laws was shut down! They then voted to go home and reconvene in the morning. They can make a motion to unbind in the AM but need a 2/3 majority. All RP delegates must show up early, and stay for the whole thing! This is it!

In this game I have found out

In this game I have found out that showing up is 90% of WINNING!

I love that reminder! So true!

Show up an be early NEVER ASSUME

New people?

Can new people show up or just the same that took place today? If new people can please call/facebook/email/tweet all your friends/family to join you in the "fun" ;).

Well, apparently the Romney people brought in "guests"

so you could give it a try. You wouldn't be able to sit with the delegates, or participate, but you could watch and cheer and mingle with them in the hallways.
Go for it!