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Move your Money campaign, hit corporate banking where it hurts: the ledgers.

Islanders move love and money to their own credit union
Fed up with corporate indifference, a green haven in Puget Sound, Wash., finds a novel way to snub big banks.


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Federal Reserve will let us?

The Federal Government granted a few credit unions here $250K to give classes to the public on lending, with free pizza, sidas, candy, all the school suplies, and after you take all the classes, how to shop a credit card, how to borrow and repay, how to make a deal, how to buy a car, how to buy a house, (and the class is like a show, a party), the prize is your choice of a $100 savings or a $500 loan approved.

I'm getting a huge lesson in this class, learning they will loan for credit cards, car, modular homes, nothing that you can farm..city plots, where you are tied into utilities. I'm thinking, this is a response to OWS. The occupiers made a big deal about transfering their money from banks to CUs. Looks to me, these crdit unions are being set up to fall.

My local CU is not partitipating in the govt grant, they are not swinging deals, it's not the cheapest, but it is the most secure.. moral shop crdit unions, they are not all alike, and I think the idea of a Credit Union is great.. we could fund projects like Ron Paul Energy Drinks and bars.

DailyPaul Credit Union?

There has to be a floundering credit union someplace that will trade influence (seats on the board?) for deposits. DP credit cards at 8% deposits savings at 4% free checking, free ATM etc etc.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.


What are you getting from these banks?
No interest to speak of, if any.
All you get is convenience of a credit/debit card, or check writing.
Pay bills with postal money orders or private money orders.
Get your money out of the banks.
Those banks are reporting on your accounts to the Fed or any gov't agency who asks. They can freeze your assets.They can go out of business.
There is no benefit there. And don't borrow any of their freakin' money!

Worst case, pick a local bank, keep your money in cash(or gold or silver) and just deposit enough cash to cover your check writing.

Seriously - I know there's a

Seriously - I know there's a convenience factor with the Bank of America's, Wells, Citi and Chase, but with electronic banking, everyone should take their money to a credit union or smaller local bank. I had a Wamu account which was switched to Chase that I've had open as a necessity, but things recently changed, and I'm switching as soon as I can.

When I was growing up

Credit unions were the shit. Good rates on savings. Gave me my first loan for a motorbike at 16! This maybe is a good idea.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.