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Paul vs. Fed in political cartoon

On a site called the Testosterone Pit, lol:
Just the cartoon:
Cartoon w/ article:

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loved it!

Great cartoon! Thanks for sharing.

maybe add these to your post

Otherwise, it takes a bit of hunting to find the goods

Link to the pic itself


Link to article with pic


And thanks, added the cartoon to our slideshow of the Austin Speech

Thanks John.

I improved my links per your suggestions.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

How do I paste just this picture instead of the site link on FB?

I sure can't copy and paste it to facebook. Any help would be appreciated.

download first, then upload to facebook

you download the pic onto your computer then you upload it to facebook



save to your computer

Then go to upload the photo on fbook.

Ron Paul found a den of

Ron Paul found a den of vipers

And he's shining a light on

ALL of them, too!


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That was good.


the vermin can run but they can't hide...

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Nice. That looks like an interesting site too.


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That would be at least

That would be at least a 10.0 on the Richter scale

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