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"Fake" slates

Hey all

I don't mean to be a stickler over terms, but the Romney folks are using fraud in their campaign. We all know this.
When we expose their trickery, I think, using the "fake" slates as an example, we should use stronger terms describing their doings.
Those slates are COUNTERFEIT
Definition of COUNTERFEIT
: made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive : forged
a : insincere, feigned b : imitation
Websters Dictionary

Definition 1 not only describes what they are doing, but also the intent.
Let's not let them get away with anything.

Keep up the good fight and thanks for reading.

Ron Paul 2012

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Just make sure that you dont

Just make sure that you dont get so focoused on one type of trickery that you dont see the next scheeme

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If you...

...or anyone else finds new material about this fraud in Nevada or Maine, please post it to this thread:


Thanks for all the contributions.


Help I feel Dumb about Fake Slates

Help me understand this. Is Romney so desperate that he is now using actual Ron Paul delegates names to make the "fake slate?" What is the benefit to that? Is it on the chance that if they present a slate with Ron Paul delegates that did not sign up to go to National that those delegates if elected would not show up at national and since the names are of actual RP delegates no one might notice? Is he even using Romney delagate names as the alternates on the fake slate?

If not, if this thing happens, we will just have to band together and donate to send these RPers on to the Nationals!

Shame on them, they are one corrupt bunch!

Also, typically when (what day of state convention) and how ( or as a complete slate)do they vote on these slates, individually?

Good news is...

if Romney's Campaign thought it was truly over they would not be using these deceptive measures. The Establishment is obviously concerned about what is happening!! As they should be...

All we need to do is record

All we need to do is record their actions. Let them dig their own graves.

I just can't

believe this is not against the law!

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I have my

real and FAKE slates from Colorado, where the Romney camp did the same thing. I confronted the Blue Haired lady - who suddenly scurried off with her "deer in the headlights" look on her face. I followed her straight to the Romney table and watched her give the pile back to them.

(Real) Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Maine, Nevada--Now Colorado!

Seems to be a pattern. I hope everyone with solid evidence in any state will contribute to this info so the media's story that Ron Paul is playing unfair will actually become the publicity that reveals the truth about media, Republican establishment, and Romney dirty tricks. It will be hard for the media to avoid asking Ron Paul or the campaign about the situation.

Posted this elsewhere, but fits here too.

Sorry for duplicating but this seems appropriate for the Romney campaign cheaters/MSM liars.

"They hang the man, and flog the woman,
That steals the goose from off the common;
But let the greater villain loose,
That steals the common from the goose."
An anonymous protest poem from the 17th century.

Make sure...

Make sure you video or take pics of anyone passing out fake slates and send to Ben Swann, These people have fake delegate ids, it might be a good idea to borrow their id.


Quit worrying about it.

Our people are smarter than that.

Besides, if you're REALLY concerned you can take a flight out there and be a volunteer Sgt at Arms for the RP caucus.

Posting online wont do anything.

Let our good folks in the states they fought hard to be in the conventions in take care of business. They're not stupid like the Romney-bots are.

no no NO!!!!

This needs pressure from all over the republic!
This not a local matter. This is affecting America the whole world.
Every vote for Romney is a vote for a bomb on another innocent family.(sounds polemic I know but it is how it is..)

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OOOOPS! I'm sooooo sorry! Yes that may stain!

My wife and I are Michigan State Delegates.

I tell you what. If I get as much as a *hint* that anyone is out there passing out counterfeit Ron Paul slates in the Motor City, that person is going to be wearing an extra-large Coca Cola on top of their head faster than you can say "blowback!"

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good point... counterfeit is

good point... counterfeit is good... reminds me of some advise from Frank Luntz (he is a ducher but he knows how to use words effectively)


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How about fraud!

How about domestic terrorism?
How about enemy to the American public?
How about a indefinite detention for this fella?


COUNTERFEIT it is. I have reported this to several local news stations. I doubt they will cover it, but I have tried.




"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Reporting and...

Reporting and having video are two different things. Always document everything !!!!!!!!!!!!