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Maine GOP Convention: Paul shakes up the party

AUGUSTA - Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul commandeered the Maine Republican Party convention Saturday as part of a multi-state strategy designed to give him a voice at the national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla.

Linda Silvia
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Linda Silvia of China, a Kennebec County delegate, votes for Ron Morrell to be convention secretary at the Maine Republican Convention in Augusta on Saturday. A Paul backer also was elected convention chairman.

Robert F. Bukaty/The Associated Press
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Republican Party state chairman Charles Webster addresses the GOP State Convention at the Augusta Civic Center.

John Patriquin/Staff Photographer
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Despite pre-emptive efforts by state party Chairman Charlie Webster, Paul's highly organized volunteers and supporters took over the proceedings at the Augusta Civic Center. Using preprinted ballots and floor generals who flashed large signs reminding backers which candidates to support, the Paul campaign bested supporters of Mitt Romney, the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee.

Paul's backers took control of key parliamentary positions and the convention agenda. The effort was part of the Paul campaign's national effort to overtake Republican state conventions and win enough state delegates to send Paul to the national convention.

National pundits believe Paul, a proselytizer of free-market economics and libertarianism who hasn't won a single state primary, has a slim chance of forcing a brokered convention in Tampa to challenge Romney. However, Paul's supporters in Maine said sending enough delegates to the event will force the Republican National Committee to give him a prominent speaking role to amplify his message.

"Our feeling is that we think it's important to have our voice heard," said state Rep. Aaron Libby, R-North Waterboro, a Paul supporter. "This election is far too important. We believe Ron Paul is different from all the other candidates, and he's different in ways that are vital to the well-being of this country."

The extent of the takeover had yet to be determined, even after a long day of jockeying for position. Extensive procedural delays pushed the election of 15 state delegates well into the evening.

Maine sends 24 delegates to the national convention. Fifteen at-large delegates are elected, as well as three from each congressional district. The state committee chairman, chairwoman and the party chairman also serve as delegates.

The voting was scheduled to take place Saturday afternoon, but the election of parliamentary officers tossed the entire event into chaos, as Paul and Romney delegates exchanged procedural maneuvers.

"What you saw here today was an evenly divided co

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I sent this email to...

Cliff Schechtman, Executive Editor
Angie Muhs, Digital Editor
News and Business
Dieter Bradbury, City Editor
Noel Gallagher, Deputy City Editor


With respect, why are you censoring the comment I posted under my own name? - see below:

"'The presidential nominee is going to be Romney, everyone knows that,' Tardy said." Yes, and the Titanic was unsinkable. Romney's "nomination" is dead on arrival. By August, Paul's poll numbers in a straight fight against Obama will overshadow those of Romney's. The GOP Politburo will ignore these hard facts and make an attempt to force their will on the will of the People. The People will prevail. Paul will toast Obama in the swing states (only the swing states matter) with his 55:33 advantage over Obama among independents. After all...

... Voters who want wars, torture, assassinations, "humanitarian" bombings in oil rich countries, indefinite detentions, drone attacks that kill the innocent, erosion of civil liberties, domestic war on the people (drug war), out-of-control debt and spending, graft and greed, crony capitalism, pandering to special interests, bailouts, more of the same, must NOT vote for Ron Paul.

Voters who want peace, a humane foreign policy, restoration of civil liberties, an end to the war on drugs, sound money, balanced budgets, honesty, integrity and transparency in government, and a President wholly committed to Constitutional government can vote for Ron Paul.

Ain't that difficult a choice.

"This comment was flagged for review."

Plano TX

Maine Sunday Telegram...

... keeps on censoring my comments, so they got another email from me...

"Comment awaiting approval
Your comment must be approved by a moderator before appearing here."

Is there any way in which you can give me "Security Clearance"?

In reply to Noble Steed :

"To bad, good cause, wrong person to lead it. So, come Nov.2012 we will go to the polls and we will wake up the next morning, some disillusion, others buying more stock, and some just content they did a 'write in' for Daffy Duck."

At least Daffy Duck is better than MORE OF THE SAME... the lesser of two evils is still evil... this is not a beauty contest... this is about $16 trillion of national debt and going to $20 trillion. The biggest threat to national security is not "the Communists/Taliban/Freedom Fighters/Jihadists". The biggest threat is China demanding a higher rate of interest on our IOUs. $16 trillion times 5% equals $800 billion.That's equal to our defense budget and 80% of what we pay in individual income taxes.

Romney promises more jobs, which just exposes his ignorance. Paul knows how jobs are created: small government and low taxes. (For proof, Google You Tube: Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story). If government spending creates prosperity (as Romney clearly believes with his empty promises, bail outs, economic stimulus programs, etc. - he is a bundle of contradictions, still learning on the job), then Cuba (government spending 85% of GDP) should be a veritable paradise of wealth and abundance. Singapore, on the other hand (where government expenditures are pegged at 12.5% of GDP), should be a hellhole of poverty. Just the reverse. If you can't fathom this, get a refund on our college education, because they obviously failed to teach you deductive reasoning; or maybe the lame stream media has succeeded in brainwashing you into submission. Free yourself from this one-dimensional tunnel vision that afflicts Republicans.

Plano TX

They succombed to pressure...

... and posted my first one... I'm holding my breath on the second one...

Plano TX

And the squeaky wheel got some oil...

Hi Albert,

I've "White Listed" you so your comments post instantly from now on. Make sure you follow the guidelines and keep it civil.

Thank you,


Jason Singer

Assistant City Editor / Online, Portland Press Herald


Work #: 207-791-6437

so i threw in another comment;

You are a Christian? So are Perry, Romney, Santorum, Cain, Gingrich and Bachman. Their gospel is: "Blessed are the warmongers. Hate your enemies. Repay evil with evil. Curse those who curse you. Do everyone you can, before they do you. Life starts at conception and ends at our borders."

Google: "Al Jazeera Challenging the US drone programme." The one video tells of a drone attack that killed five pregnant women. No doubt you and these holier-than-thou favorites of the Religious Right running for office are pro-life. No abortions in America, but if our Hellfire missiles (appropriate name for a Christian-approved bombing campaign) abort not only five unborn, but also incinerate their mothers, you and your ilk vote enthusiastically for those who support these wars.

Moreover, the likes of you and your politicians can't wait to start another $4 trillion war against Iran. Read, Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, by Eric Metaxas and you'll agree with me, that if America had just one Bonhoeffer, the Bush/Cheny oil wars might have been stopped and a million innocent victims (consult Just Foreign Policy website if you doubt the stats), who loved their lives and their loved ones, and who were loved in return, would have been alive today. (Read, War Made Easy, by Norman Solomon.)

No, the good Lord will tell the likes of you, "I never knew you," because the blood of the innocent in far distant countries who have done us no harm are crying out for justice. Bonhoeffer paid for his life when he responded to the cry of the innocent. In America, the clergy submit to the government (anything to get a seat at the table of the mighty GOP Politburo), because they are scared they might lose their 501(c) (not-for-profit) status - their meal ticket to prosperity (should read, 501(c) - for the not-for- the prophets; 501(c)s are for the clergy who are subservient to their IRS masters. You want war, we'll cheer lead your efforts.)

Hard truths, but time to wash these perverted doctrines right out of your mind and heart. Get back to the Beatitudes... Blessed are the peacemakers... beat your swords into plowshares and you spears into pruning hooks.... these wars, all this killing, are all about oil and war profiteers, the military-industrial complex and have nothing in common with Christendom, just the exact opposite.

Plano TX