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A Wake Up Call to the Republican Party

It is pretty clear to me that the Republican Party in general just does not understand Ron Paul supporters, their background, their goals, their motivation, their politics.
The Republican Party seems to think that Ron Paul supporters, think like them. We do not.
The Republican Party thinks that the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters will eventually come around and vote Romney to kick Obama out. We will not.

Ron Paul supporters are a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds.
A lot are young and have never been motivated to vote before and would never have got interested in poltics if it were not for Ron Paul.
A lot are independents who see no real difference between the main parties.
Some want real change and got deceived by Obama's empty rhetoric in 2008.
Some have not voted in an election for years and years (and some not at all) because there has never benn a candidate that appealed to them.
Some got disheartened with the neocon agenda and endless wars.
Some saw a Ron Paul message at some point in time, got interested and looked him up a bit on the internet.
Some are Libertarians.
Some just realised that America is going downhill fast and there must be something better.
Some are financially knowledgeable and know Ron Paul has the only solution.
Most of them do not watch Fox News.

Ron Paul supporters are principled and support the Constitution. Their first loyalty lies there.
Ron Paul supporters want to go BACK to what made America great.

4 more years of Obama would do less damage than 8 years of Romney.
The vast majority of us will not vote for Romney.
A lot of us will continue campaigning against Romney, whatever happens.

Romney cannot win against Obama in November without Ron Paul supporters and he does not have them.
There is zero enthusiasm for Romney, even amongst ordinary GOP voters.
The Republican Party can beat Obama and will become favorites to do so, if they nominate Ron Paul.

Electoral College - current state of play.
Obama landslide vs Romney.

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This post needs to be frontpage.


I think this info could be helpful

for Conservative Dems as well. (Yes, there are some) I can't tell the difference between Romney and Obama, the only choice is Ron Paul.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

Now, how do we get this

Now, how do we get this message out to the republican base!?

everyone needs to reach out with kindness

share comparison sheets.


Work the polls with them.

Absolutely every supporter needs to reach out. Reading and writing at the Daily Paul is not enough. Even the obligatory donation is not enough.

Maybe we need some sort of concentrated campaign...

"The Republican Party seems

"The Republican Party seems to think that Ron Paul supporters, think like them. We do not". This has been my experience as well. They don't actually stand for anything, they just blindly follow, and that is why they don't get it.