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Ron Paul Billboard in California


12' x 24' Ron Paul Billboard located at 3rd & D in Eureka, CA

Kudos to Dobson Images (Ray A.) for putting the whole thing together.

EDIT: Californians can get their own 4'x3' banner with the same message here: http://registering-california.myshopify.com/

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Ah the rare and special billboard effort. Nice.

12x24 foot billboards, (~12x25 foot), are very affordable and cost effective per viewing. On a smaller board, special attention needs to be paid to the size of the text with regards to industry guidelines.

This size billboard is the most common size of large Billboard found in urban areas as well as on highways and interstates sometimes.

This size board is a great way to find the most cost competitive billboard location for your project. Printing costs are far less than the larger boards, installation costs are less and the rental of the board itself is sometimes 1/4 of what the 14x48 foot boards might cost.

This billboard uses one of the most popular Ron Paul portraits made during this cycle by a South African artist using a very high tech portraiture technique. It really works well on the board.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

I know someone who was just

I know someone who was just at the SF Giants game and said that their was a huge register republican 4 paul signs up on the way into the ballpark.

"Legalize Liberty" Not just a

"Legalize Liberty"

Not just a DP user, but a good slogan for CA, too.

That's Great! We need more

That's Great! We need more of these! Well done!

California had:

3 million voters in the 2008 primary. Ron Paul got 125,000. That mean we need to convince 1,375,000 new people to vote for Ron Paul over Mitt Romney. This is going to take EVERYONE in California doing EVERYTHING they can to get people to vote.

Texas had 1,362,000 votes in the 2008 primary, and Dr. Paul got 66,000, so we need to convince 700,000 more to vote for him.

Let's do this! Give it everything you can!

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Call, tweet, email , post to every Californian you Know

Tell them that "there's gold in their hills" and they can restore the Golden Rule to our foreign and domestic policy if they will REGISTER Republican and vote for the friend of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution-Dr. Ron Paul.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Thank you! Just what I was looking for!

We were sign waving just yesterday and I said I wish had one of those register by the 21st signs! Ordering some right away!

Well Done!!!


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Excellent, thanks for taking direct action


I like the picture of him that's on the brochures better

That is not his best shot but oh well, I still like it, good job, thanks for putting it out there.





Let's Fight the Good Fight


Owns the billboard space. As I see it that makes it all the more delicious as we foster their demise for what they did to the Doc.

What a Beautiful Billboard!


lets bump this thread for even more motivation




I love it!

It gets the message out when the deadline to register occurs. And, even though there is a MSM blackout that he is still running. We need more signs and banners throughout California.

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You can get your own banners

Californians can get their own 4'x3' banners here:


Later today, I'll be announcing a NorCal vs. SoCal contest to see who gets the most banners. So if you see this message, you're getting a head start.

Banners are sold at below cost. It takes about 4 days to get them after you order. So order now so they are up in time to be effective.

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Informative.

I wish we can have this planted every 50 miles along all major CA highways!

Ray A, how much did it cost to plant this?

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The high res art is available

For anyone who wants to make another one. Just let me know.

Not sure if there is time, though.

Nicely done!

great job!!!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Good Job!

And great reminder of the registration (or re-registration party switch) deadline.

The Libertarian Party nominated Gary Johnson as our candidate, yesterday (nationally), and the California delegation was there and voted (they were "selected," as in "everyone who wanted to be a delegate was a delegate," earlier), so Libertarians don't need to vote for the presidential race since it has already been determined.

I guess I'll have to re-register so I can help him win my district. CA is winner-take-all by cogressional district, so we should focus geographically.

My Ron Paul sign is up!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Made my Day

With choices like Bob Barr and Gary Johnson.. LP is GOP wasteland.

I'm happy to hear you are going to join the GOP to vote for Ron Paul. Maybe you will get on a central committee and get in this fight. It would be great to have you in the GOP as a Ron Paul Republican.

You can register GOP on Sec of St page..

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If you live in California and haven't registered Republican yet, this site's for you:


Bump !


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