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None Dare Call It A Conspirancy

Last evening I came across a post her on the DP in which the poster recommended the reading of two books. I found one of them online and began reading last night and finished this morning.

This book is title "None Dare Call It A Conspiracy" and was written during the Nixon era. I am telling you that if you transposed and inserted names from the present day into the text, it is practically a mirror image of what continues today.

This book exposes the false left/right, liberal/conservative paradigm. This book is a great tool to provide to naysayers who think folks like myself (and I am confident many other DP supporters) are just cooky conspiracy nuts when we try to explain the origin/intent/ramifications of the Federal Reserve. Likewise, the reasons for the RP media black out are exposed and again this was written in the 1970s.

It is a must read. I found a pdf link to the entire book (which is really not all that long). I have provided the link below.


Take care and we must keep fighting. We are on the path to winning!!

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I think I've read almost four

I think I've read almost four conspiracy books in my life and that was one of them. Would highly recommend Jim Marrs' "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and zombie banks are destroying America" by Jim Marrs. It's very applicable to the events of recent years.

That was the book that I read in 1976/77

which first got me started down this path.
That was a long time ago.

The book was handed to me under the table, at the Olympia Restaurant in Washington DC, by Claude Jones, a LaRouche supporter who was trying to recruit me.
The Olympia Restaurant is reputed to be the place where the Bay of Pigs idea was hatched.

And no, of course I didn't become a LaRouche supporter!

Great book. Cuts through all

Great book. Cuts through all the propaganda and names the culprits and their goals.

It's a good book. Praised

It's a good book. Praised from "mormon" LDS Prophet Ezra Taft Benson, also Secretary of Agriculture of United States under President Dwight Eisenhower. He recommended it to members of the lds church to read. Heres a couple quick benson videos.

Ezra Taft Benson Warning.

Ezra Taft Benson endorsing "none dare call it conspiracy".