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Lovely New Ron Paul Song

Get your hankies ready and listen to: You Can Take My Picture:

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hey brent.....

i really, REALLY love this song, but i would like to make one tiny little suggestion for change. the last line says "show the world your colors, and youll be living in shame." I would change the word "and" to "or". other then that one word, i think its perfect.

ive written over 1000 songs, tunes for 85 of them, and i truly wish this song was one that i wrote. its absolutly awesome!


ron in 12!

awesome song.....

ive been listening to it for several months on youtube under the name brent brown 2012. probly 50 to 60 times so far. love it. always remember to hit the like button, too. this guy has a real future in music!

thanks for posting this, hope it helps to bring pleasure to many, and a new president to all!


ron in 12!

reedr3v's picture

Thanks for the artist's name. I didn't see it

on the video.


your welcome....


ron in 12!

Posted Yesterday :-)