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whoever this chairman is in nevada needs to be given a medal

Truely classy character

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His name is Bob Morin

Bob's a fantastic guy who truly believes in rules and fairness. I've know him for five years and he's never pushed a candidate or agenda. He wants all Republicans included and treated respectfully.

Good work Nevada

The chair(s) and the committee at Nevada was fair and did a good job, I have been following for 2 days now, thanks to Mark, I think all of us who was following would agree.

Here he is! Getting a medal


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... or elaborate... otherwise, your post lack impact...

Plano TX

the guy running the nevada

the guy running the nevada convention , ususally these guys are GOP scum who try to rig the system , this guy is awesome and is fair for everybody

OK, thank you..

... I thought he was voted in by a voice vote comprising hundreds on non-delegates bussed in by Romney. That was a strike against him, but if he acted fairly then kudos to him.

Plano TX