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State count

What is the current states we have won?


Will wins
(North Dakota?)

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Need some rules confirmation

I've been trying to get some confirmation on what states are won according to the RNC convention rules. Rule 40(b) states that it is based on "the support of a plurality of delegates" from 5 or more states.

As such, would Colorado not count since Paul has 14, Romney has 16, and Santorum has 6? And what about Massachusetts where all delegates are pledged to Romney but Paul supporters hold a "stealth" majority?

If anyone has answers, and especially can support it with the relevant sources and rules, I'd appreciate it.

even though I don't know the exact rule....

I think it's a virtual lock at this point that Paul gets his name in nomination at the convention, and you don't have to worry about getting to 5 states. He'll clearly have Minnesota, Iowa, and Maine. Louisiana is pretty likely. Missouri is pretty likely. I think even if there's ambiguity as to the count, they'll throw his name in for nomination.

Regarding Massachusetts, the state has 41 delegates. Paul won 16, and it could get as high as 20, depending on provisional ballots. Either way, it's not a majority of the state (though it was a majority of the delegates decided through that portion of the process). Also, there is a state party rule that candidates can contest any delegate that is pledged/bound to them. Basically, they are going to make sure that all of the delegates hold to their binding and commit to actually vote for Romney. If anyone won't commit to that, they can quite easily be replaced within state party rules.

Nevada's results

Thank you for the correction on Massachusetts.

As reported: http://m.lvsun.com/news/2012/may/06/ron-paul-supporters-capt...

Paul supporters make up 22 of the 28 delegates, yet 20 of them are bound to Romney. For the purposes of rule 40(b), does the state count as a Romney or Paul win?

with regards to 40b, I don't think it's clear

I think you could make an argument either way based on the way the rule reads, and I don't know what the intention is.

Not quite...

Romney still got a couple more in MA. He also got a couple more in Alaska and Colorado. Washington is undecided. The Romney campaign chooses all the delegates in Idaho, and Romney got more in North Dakota. Paul is most likely going to take Missouri.