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Breaking...Just announced @ NV convention... victory moneybomb!

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Can we stop calling them

Can we stop calling them bombs now? It makes it sound so much worse when something that are called bombs are getting LESS than a normal day.

Can't call it a money bomb when it will be lucly to break $10,000 for the day and $25,000 for the weekend,


Bumpity Bump Bump Bump

We are winning the war of ideas. We gotta show the establishment and the campaign that we are in for November, 2016 and beyond.......

Mine has to be this payday.

Mine has to be this payday. I'm proud to say that I'm on my way to nearly maxing out. The r3VOLution's energy has been tremendous the last 2 weeks or so. Onward!

Thats OK

This is not a 24 hour moneybomb. This is a 24-7 for the rest of our lives undying devotion to the principles of liberty moneybomb.

Bombs away!

For all the great work in Maine and Nevada! Way to go!

And the great work left to be done...
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Bump for... Liberty!

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