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Ustream - DP Live news cast

Late comer to the site but not to Liberty or President Paul. Need help in presentng the idea to those who already have established a position here. Please review, comment and forward to those who can implement.

(repost from yesterday with editing)
Love the streaming to keep everyone up to date but DP should use this as a part of the media campaign. Durring the slow periods Upstream could be used venue to further the Liberty Revolution.

This was so exciting to actually be part of. We know that the media has blacklisted RP and kept the truth of his message from being heard. At least two thousand people have been watching this at any given time and we should capitalise of that fact. Even if we could just give a quick interview to all the wide demographics of supporters and briefly state why they are supporting RP. We can hold a live Ron Paul rally on the freaking convention floor!

Additionally, in one segment, I overheard someone trying to explain the corrupt and failing finacial system to a women. That was perfect to educate viewers on RP platform durring non active segments. The could be as a host or interview format. We have to use all the tools available to us. For those of us at home, we can write mini talking points on the live social feed while other candidate supports write insults.

There should also be action reports about what happened with live witnesses. Hell we can have our own live news program on every convention floor! To hell with reading the whitewashed morning news papers or morning shows. Once people start hearing and seeing the fraud that takes place we can turn voters and earn new followers.

Not only do we get real live exposure while controlling the content, to a degree, but we remove the MSM propaganda machine.

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Thanks to the guys who put the Ustream..

...live broadcast together and stuck with it, ha, it was awesome! I spent, like many Paul (and Romney)supporters watching true representative republican debate in action. I never thought I would spend an entire afternoon and evening (and early a.m.) watching these events and would gladly do it again. We are seeing people recover their power!

Thanks again Mark? and Wizzzzzz!!