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(Past Event) Ron Paul Austin Tea Party live stream 2:00 cst may 6

I will have a live stream today may 6th. Find me on ustream.com user fbglive or go to my home page fbglive.com

Sorry about the ustream adds, but they want cash to turn them off, I don't have that. Hope you enjoy.


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Just caught the end of the speech.

Thanks for streaming it!


Its live and the good Dr. is talking!


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


why doesn't he show us the rally instead?


I was real low on battery voltage. This was part of my transition in to live streaming. I should do much better in up coming events as during the rally I managed to talk to Occupy Austin’s live streaming guy and he helped me out a bunch.

off air


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It's working for me

You'de think there a rock concert, that is a loud crowd :-) I wish the camera person doing the feed would try and pick up the speakers, not them talking tech stuff.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Protip: Buy multiple

Protip: Buy multiple batteries. At least a backup. They're not that expensive.

I found a live audio stream,

I found a live audio stream, Rand is speaking now http://ronpaulradio.com/

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I was directed here by the comments: http://fbglive.webs.com/

and he's interviewing some guy while the tea party rally is going on. Is this the live feed? Why aren't we seeing and hearing the actual rallly?


Hi Debbie

As far as Ron Paul rallies go this one was different for me. This was the first I had attended since the 2008 campaign. The environment at the event was multi focused, lots of different candidates were represented. I wish I could have shown the rally how I saw it, I hope to in the near future. I could only pick a few moments to stream.

To your other point, I did interview people that I felt were important while the rally was on. The big names get attention and coverage but I feel allot of other folks are requiring attention and saying the same thing and for me they are more powerfull. It’s an editorial decision; I have worked to allow full access to information, like a live stream of just the speakers or the crowd in separate streams. In the future I will have "just raw streams (Ron,Rand or whatever) and I will have a produced channel similar to the controlled media. This time I had 60% battery power and 2 hrs of rally to try and cover. I did record allot more on digital recorders but they are a different production all together.

Any of you all have any streaming media contacts ideas suggestions, I would appreciate it.

gone again )-:


back on


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The live stream does not appear to be working.

The picture is frozen and no sound. ??


I can't hear anything

refreshed page, nothing doing, what's up?

use adblock plus + firefox

to block the ads. you can turn it off for the daily paul(dont miss to click on romney ads..they cost him sometimes for each click ;) )



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Thanks very much for letting

Thanks very much for letting us know and volunteering to do it, Steve.