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Let's move on -> What are we doing to win the upcoming primaries on the 8th?

We won huge in Nevada and Maine. Lets move on!

What is planed to win the maximum possible in the upcoming primaries on May 8 ?

West Virginia


North Carolina

As I understand in West Virgina its all about choosing the right delegates on the ballot...
Santorum wont have full slates...

Indiana allocates half of its delegates based on the popular vote in the districts.

North Carolina is awarded proportional based on the popular vote.

How is the campaign set up in the states to work the polls?

Espacially West Virginia seems to have potential to work the polls with delegate hand outs(like we did partially in PA).

I dont see any discussion about these very important states in light of our successful weekend.
Just chime in what you hope to achieve and what we can do instate and out of state...

more info on West Virgina:
Search for poll workers:
West Virgina Hub:

more info on North Carolina:
NC - HUB http://www.dailypaul.com/229650/05-08-2012-north-carolina

more info on Indiana:
Indiana HUB http://www.dailypaul.com/229649/5-08-2012-indiana-primary-th...

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A winning strategy for states where delegate are directly voted

You may see this in several threads, I am trying to spread the word...

I got to the polls early and set up a "Ron Paul' table with super brochures, some interesting facts, comparison sheets, and delegate cards. Although I did not stand at the table, I was there if anyone had questions.

What I did (and it worked)...

1. To everyone who came to vote, I said, "Here are the republican delegates, we vote for our delegates right on the ballot in PA. Please vote for these delegates." I then handed them a delegate card, some declined and I said thanks for coming out to vote.

2. Anyone who had questions, I listened and had a discussion.

This was very effective:

In my town Romney got 150 votes, Dr. Paul received 50 votes, Santorum 30, and Gingrich 20. But when the delegate counts were totaled Dr. Paul's delegates won the top 4 slots, and 3 of the 4 alternate slots. Unfortunately, in the larger distric count we did not win. But in places where we had poll workers we did VERY well... we need someone at every poll.

Some important things to consider--- smile and say thank you--- don't ask people personal questions like "Are you voting republican today" or "Who do you support--- these are immediate turn offs for many people. Just say something like "Here are the republican delegates, we vote for our delegates right on the ballot. Please vote for these delegates."

Some interesting and humerous comments I heard:

1. "What is a delegate?"

2. "I am here to vote, but not for Dr. Paul."-- I just smiled and handed her a delegate card; since I wasn't right at my table she didn't know who the delegates supported.

3. An older man was at the polls representing the GOP- I overheard him saying to someone, about me, "He's just handing out delegate information, that's not important." HAHA

There were 2 GOP folks alternating througout the day (I was there from beginning to end)- neither voted for Romney- 1 voted for Santorum and 1 voted for Dr. Paul--- THE POINT IS- there is almost NO enthusiasm for Romney, people are voting for him because they want to vote for the 'winner'- but we all know it's the delegates that count. DO NOT BE CONFRONTATIONAL, just get the delegate cards in peoples' hands.

One final thing- although the GOP people at my polling place were very friendly, I heard that others at different polling places were not. DO NOT LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND OR TELL YOU WHERE TO STAND. Keep an appropriate distance from the door and be friendly to all voters(notice a theme here).

I hope this helps my friends in states where you have direct voting for delegates.

A winning strategy for states where delegate are directly voted

sorry for the duplicate

Just bumping

this very important thread among the useless ones.

Ron Paul himself has ignored

Ron Paul himself has ignored every remaining primary except the two big ones that he has no chance of winning.

Where is Mitts 27,000?

Where is Mitts 27,000 People . . THATS RIGHT . . 27,000 People came to see Dr Paul speak in the last 5 days. . .Only 5 Days. .

Smokey, Where is Mitt's energetic and enthused support? Where are his crowds of 7 - 10 000 people? Can you show me some pics?

ok he is a really annoying troll

and obviously interfering in a spammy way our efforts(while others like shazad are decent people). please ban.

No Chance orf WInning:



Indiana needs someone at each precinct. Signs on site and handouts.

Precincts are priority.

Desparate need for them.

Also need to know what delegates favor RP and which are etablishment for each county. Look up the IN gov site, see the list of delegates, and email me so I can update my list. PLEASE!


Ok this seems important

We have many useless threads everyday on DP.
We need more from guys like you!

Please open a new thread for this and any other ideas and stuff you need help with(and dont forget to bump them if you get no response)!

Be nice


If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

sure :P

I often encounter people giving great comments about really important stuff but their comments get buried and the message is lost..


Thank you for helping bring their posts to light, Hey, we were like that once.Lol.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I Hate To Be The Stick In The Fan But Money IS Key Now

so donate and get others to donate. Send out links of the Paul victory in Maine and Nevada - that might inspire.

The general rule for us

is to take all the delegate slots we can get filled with RP supporters, whether the slots are bound to somebody else, or not.

That is all.

Which is a recipe for

Which is a recipe for failure.

Easy Romney Troll

is it really a failure or our you trying to break our spirit?

Got News for you


Go Back to the Romney Campaign and tell them they have not seen anything yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1: Goldman Sachs Financing the Romney Campaign >>>> Millions

2: Financing the msm to Black out Ron Paul >>>>>>> Millions

3: All of their Faces when the Delegates Vote for Ron Paul

............... PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been watching and...

I agree, A Romneocon for sure.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Have we learned anything? Let's get everyone we know to confirm

their votes with an affidavit. Already, voters from NC early have reported anomalies in vote machine activity. Get the affidavits filled out and upload them to the site, www.ronpaulvotecount.org

LibertyUSApac is raising money to do thorough exit polls, aiming at Texas and California. If anyone wants to do this in the May 8th states, let me know: drkresearch@hotmail.com



I assume with all of the Romney propaganda that turnout will be LOW. This gives us a wonderful advantage because the majority of voters should be people that are either Ron Paul or Anti Romney.

Romneys base(60+ Fox News watchers) will think it is over and hopefully not take the time to show up

That only leaves us with the establishment HACKS that will be strong for Romney. Do not underestimate them they will stoop to LOW levels!


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Flyers for Everyone to Blast out there

Here is the thread with the latest flyers


If anyone decides to help with this...

See if you can get flyers delivered to every county in these states.
Get the word out kindly, legally, and as much as you can.

I too would love to know why or why not the campaign hasn't said much about these upcoming primaries.

I hope they are working behind the scenes

but we cant wait for it..its a big country..^^
Our grassroots effort will win it!

Just recorded a show with

Just recorded a show with ClearChannel's Tom Roten, West Virginia, urging people to get out the vote and warning of the fraud. He's a huge RP fan and just interviewed Rand Paul: http://www.800wvhu.com/pages/tomroten.html

He will air the show this Monday sometime between 6-9 a.m. EST.

In his area it is essential to campaign heavily with those delegate cards. Someone also should do some exit polling in WV, a hotbed for election fraud. He's in Huntington, WV. That town should be exit polled. Paul was cheated in WV last time.

Talk to all owners of health food stores you patronize and get them on board. Contact anyone who sells raw milk or any organic farmer. No guarantee they will vote unless you urge them.

Extremely important to notice

Extremely important to notice one thing about West Virginia. They vote for their delegates directly. Get all Paulites to vote for all the Paul candidates. In 2 districts, Santorum didn't file any delegate candidates and this could help us potentially win those districts. Romney also filed way too many delegate spots, thus the potential of his votes being thinned out could cause another Virgin Islands (I hope so, that way Romney wins the pop vote, but we win most of the delegates this time!)

lets hope

that the West Virginia grassroots and campaign have something planned to inform the people at each poll to vote for the RP delegates.
If we also sway the Santorum supporters to vote for the RP delegates then we might end up with more then 50% of the delegates..
The reports from PA suggested that people in front of polls do help tremendously to at least sway people to vote for our delegates.

Does anyone know if the delegates are clearly marked for whom they vote or is it similar to PA?

delegates have candidate names next to their own name

In that sense, West Virginia is like Illinois and not like Pennsylvania with regards to voting method.


Poll workers might still help as many in the popular vote dont care for the delegates.
The Santorum voters might vote for our delegates if we tell them how we plan to oppose the liar Mitt Romney....