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Maybe we should slowly take over Fox as well.

News Corp. (NWS)

NWS is the ticker symbol. Once your a share holder you own part of the company. If we slowly or unified on collective days buy shares of Fox. This would be a gradual process. I for one would like to dismiss Bill and Sean for starters. Heck we are taking back the republican party these past 5 or so years. I think we can take back our media too. Like I said it might take a while. But even this would be news worthy.

Paul supporters taking Fox and make Ben Swann ( some type of authority figure ) of News Corp. News Corp. establishes credibility for the fist time ever.

If you don't know how to invest in stocks ask some one who does. If you know a lot about them post here to help out others. I know of a system called a drip program that might be beneficial to those who don't invest in stocks on a regular basis. I have to look into News Corp to see if they have one.

It's about 19 dollars a share now.

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A non-starter idea.

We have trouble raising millions for Dr. Paul, and we're going to give multi-billions to buy up FOX? I don't think so.

Do you think FOX and the other giant media conglomerates all kowtow to Establishment politicians and their corporate owners because they AGREE with the scumbags? Or because they depend on the government to issue and renew their FCC broadcasting licenses? Stepping too far outside their favored "mainstream" will get your broadcasting license revoked. And the media do not go up against powerful corporate interests (think: banksters) because they depend on them for advertising revenue.

Case in point: why do you think FOX fired Andrew Napolitano? FCC-licensed speech is a far cry from "free speech." The government allows you to have free speech -- in a soapbox on the corner. (Or do you need a permit for that now?) What you can broadcast over the airwaves is even more limited.

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great idea in theory

But it would be way more cost effective to create our own MSM. Fox and others are dieing anyway. The industry is ripe for real news and issues being discussed. We could provide that.

Stocks will not be a good

Stocks will not be a good place for your money when the dollar crashes.

yeah wait until the market crashes and then you can buy FOX

for a ounce of gold ;)

It has 48B market cap. Half of that 24B.

Not possible by RP supporters. Besides if insiders get a whiff of it they will issue a secondary diluting your interest. Better approach is to get RP supporting employees in there.

How about both

slow and steady with the buying of shares, and some of us work on our Journalism and get hired on.

You should figure out how

You should figure out how many shares would needed to be owned in order to have any influence. Typically, you need individuals who have a large amount rather than many people will small amounts.

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ha ha ha

thats a good one!

however we have enough on our collective plate right now

and have to get Ron Paul into the Oval Office before we take on such a huge op.

also we have no idea YET oh how these massive conglomerates will shake out once we have a Libertarian Govt. in place.

you know when a regime changes many biz ops rush to stick noses where they can sniff whats coming down.

This may be our real work by then, to make sure these huge media groups dont try to revert to anti-freedom and plan how we can do that without being the very force we so despise.

There are so very many great reporters and journalists among the Ron Paul world so its a clean and reset agenda to get such into the media so it can really be FAIR and BALANCED. ALL of them.

Oh what fun the Ron Paul Era is going to be.! :D


Not Remotely Interested

You're not kidding about having ENOUGH on our "collective" plate - the agenda of the current administration.

And I agree. We don't know how things will shake out. Until then, my share in FOX remains not in stock but in my tv remote. Inside my remote, I have a nice portfolio consisting of four years' worth of unwatched programs since the 2008 election when Ron Paul was excluded from the FOX debate. In fact, my portfolio is so large, my remote so heavy, I can't even lift it anymore!

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It doesn't have to be today. Though we should keep this in mind for the years to come. This is one of those long term goals. I would love to reshape our media, one station at a time. To the true intent of NEWS. Maybe CBS is cheaper.. there rating are plummeting aren't they? We should start a date on this. Lets say (Jan 2014). It will be our New Years Newsalution. lol, I kinda like that. at least for 2014.