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PolicyMic: Ron Paul's supporters scored an incredible upset at both Conventions!

Ron Paul Wins in Maine and Nevada Increasing Delegate Count Towards GOP Nomination

Ron Paul's supporters scored an incredible upset at both the Maine and Nevada Republican State Conventions this weekend. In Maine, they won 15 out of 15 at-large delegates and were on track to win the 6th congressional district delegates. In Nevada, Paul's supporters won 22 out of 25 delegate slots, a result officially announced just minutes ago.

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Hey, Mittens!

Being a crybaby and bringing in a team of lawyers to dispute a fair win is no way to save face! Grow up, poor, little rich boy. You and your campaign cheat every chance you get! Getting beat when others know and follow the rules must confuse you!

Formerly rprevolutionist



This article shows..

..how Mitt deals with things...he calls in the Lawyers!
Is it JUST a coincidence that International Law is being touted around the world? Are these the people he will plant to bring about the NWO?