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Off topic but wondering if anyone else

Did anyone else think it was strange that Gary Johnson has recieved a lot of coverage for officially becoming the libertarian canidate this week? I am wondering if this is a last ditch effort to regain any thread of credibility or a ploy to try and detract from Ron Pauls great strides in the campaign the past few weeks? In either case I think it is a failure just wandering if anyone has noticed how much coverage he has recieved? Just hope they don't try and rig the votes saying Gary Johnson is taking away from Ron's support. Sounds to me like more bogus rhetoric from the media.

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People are not gonna put

People are not gonna put their careers on hold until Ron Paul gets the nomination. Let's just wait and see what happens.

Johnson isn't taking anything

Johnson isn't taking anything away from Paul. He even stated that the reason he's running Libertarian is because he doesn't think Ron Paul is going to get the nomination so the media doesn't know what it's talking about. I have a feeling that if Paul gets the Repub nomination that Johnson may drop out and vote for the good doctor. Heck, Johnson even been mentioned as a potential VP or part of Ron's cabinet.

Ron Paul's Vice President

I'm no spring chicken, but that's how I've felt at most tea party meetings I've attended in my area (which, from the looks of national rallies, is not atypical). Most supported Rick Santorum, perhaps because of his anti-abortion stance, given that so many in the group are Catholic. But while they do NOT like Mitt Romney, neither do they like Ron Paul; some are outright hostile towards him.

There was all this boohooing over the tea party not attracting young adults. Yet now that Ron Paul has, I think they find it somehow suspicious, given that the youth vote is traditionally on the left. We Ron Paul supporters would vote for him as PRESIDENT if he chose a monkey as his running mate. I think his VICE president must be chosen to appeal to Americans 40+. Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and the year I saw the Beatles at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium (1964), account for approximately 80 million Americans, adults 65+ roughly an additional 35 million - a huge voting block. Johnson isn't that person. Any ideas who could be?

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the prob is that these so called libertarians take away

energy and people from engaging in the most important fight for liberty ever.
At this point in time the Libertarian party makes no sense at all. Instead of fully helping Ron Paul with any means available they live in their own reality helping no one.

I noticed.

I also notice they are saying Buddy Roemer is polling at 8%