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Breaking! The Patriots of Nevada Deliver. Ron Paul Delegates Win 25 of 28 Seats to Republican National Convention!

In a contentious and hardfought 20 hour marathon spanning 2 days the patriots of Nevada prevailed and put Ron Paul supporters in 25 of the 28 seats allocated to Nevada for the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Included in those seats are the new national committee man and committee woman, both liberty lovers and supporters of Ron Paul.

This is an awesome against the odds victory as Romney captured a sizable majority of popular votes in the state caucus in February.

I can tell you from personal experience as a delegate to this state convention that liberty is alive and well in Nevada, and represented by an amazing group of dedicated and committed patriots.

I will write a more detailed article regarding the highs and lows when I return to Las Vegas, but couldn't wait to get the word out to all of you.


Much love to all my countrymen and fellow lovers of liberty.

Peace out from Sparks.

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Lack of reporting is now a

Lack of reporting is now a double edged sword, one that will come back to hit em in the ass.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


Life hands you lemons....

... Then you grind them into Romney's eyes.




Nice nice work fellas!!

Thanks for you service to the cause of freedom -Love you all!!

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

This proves how superficial Romney's 'support' is

Which is something I have not seen mentioned much.

Romney got 50% of the vote, but only 10% of the delegates. Which shows people may be fooled into casting a vote for him, but not many are fooled into working for him.



Let's keep winning all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue (and I don't simply mean Passing Go ;)

And I quote...

Early in the day, the heads of the Paul and Romney Nevada campaigns were called to the podium and spoke unifying words. The niceties ended there.

Within half an hour, a Republican Party official was scolding the Romney campaign operatives quietly in the hallway, "Why would you pull these stunts half an hour into a convention?"

The scolding came after a maneuver commonly pulled by the Romney camp of circulating forged slates meant to look like official correspondence from Paul's campaign, in an attempt to fraudulently manipulate election results. Eyewitness reports indicate the Romney campaign has done the same in Colorado and in Maine.

The team circulating these slates was initially believed to be in possession of forged convention credentials, calling into question whether the Romney campaign might attempt to stack the convention as a way of falsify voting results in its favor in this hotly contested state.

When asked if the Romney campaign's dirty tricks would come to hurt Romney, Nevada Lt. Governor and Romney state co-chairman Brian Krolicki responded, "There are no dirty tricks."


how the question wasn't 'Is the Romney Campaign responsible for the fraudulent documents?'

If so and perpetrated at other conventions, it may be just a matter of time before serious political blowback ensues

Prepare to respond

to all nay sayers from the media. All youtubes and other articles and such, showing evidence of straw polls/caucus voting shanigans should be gathered and sent to all MSM media for their enlightment on how Romney and his people have been winning straw polls since the 07-08 campaign.

Here's my experience. I was there:



Maybe someone can start a website "How Romney wins the popular vote"
where we can post all the exibits like this one;


Yes, Brian Krolicki...

I'm sure that skunks don't think other skunks stink either.

These are bound votes right?


It doesn't look like any delegate counts are updated to show thi

Is this 100% confirmed?


22 of 25 available to vote on. Three seats go to the state chair, committeeman, and committeewoman. The newly elected committee people don't vote at the 2012 convention (they get ratified there). We got no Liberty delegates in CD 2. So, 22 of the total 28.

So much for the MSM claims of Romney winning Nevada!

It will be interesting to see if they put out a CORRECTION! NOT!

It would be great karma if the people in this country continued to leave the MSM in droves for their outrageous biased shenanigans!

The Winds of Change!


That is awesome! 3 down... Romney doesn't even know what hit him... he is still watching NBC to see how the race is going.

Good news

I assume that delegates to national convention are non-binding votes, which means they can vote for Paul at the national convention.

Nevada didnt unbind them as

Nevada didnt unbind them as they can simply abstain without any penalty.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.