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Maine Operative Handing Out Fake Delegate List On Tape!


Jennifer Taylor Catches this guy on film. He doesnt want to be filmed though...

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what a meatball!!!

what a meatball!!!

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Everyone please note the same tactic used in NEvada

It gives the appearance that this is a coordinated election crime. It seems that our protect and serve service members do not realy think the highest crime in our land would be election cheating. To it would seem that electon cheating could influence the very foundation of its nation if say a USURPER from KENYA or some other place like MITT MEXICO were to become potus.

We have the people who distributed this criminal material we simply waterboard them NDAA with military do not need to arest or have a trial we can get a confession and follow this up to its origin. Bet its with top BUSH ROMNEY family.


And I quote...

Early in the day, the heads of the Paul and Romney Nevada campaigns were called to the podium and spoke unifying words. The niceties ended there.

Within half an hour, a Republican Party official was scolding the Romney campaign operatives quietly in the hallway, "Why would you pull these stunts half an hour into a convention?"

The scolding came after a maneuver commonly pulled by the Romney camp of circulating forged slates meant to look like official correspondence from Paul's campaign, in an attempt to fraudulently manipulate election results. Eyewitness reports indicate the Romney campaign has done the same in Colorado and in Maine.

The team circulating these slates was initially believed to be in possession of forged convention credentials, calling into question whether the Romney campaign might attempt to stack the convention as a way of falsify voting results in its favor in this hotly contested state.

When asked if the Romney campaign's dirty tricks would come to hurt Romney, Nevada Lt. Governor and Romney state co-chairman Brian Krolicki responded, "There are no dirty tricks."

See a pattern here???

See a pattern here???

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!