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Attention Delegates

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BUMP of the day...

a MUST SEE.....

BUMP...because this is important info...

Please...the convention will be a battle like no other...now is the time to spend getting to know rules, procedure, and learn what kind of tactics to expect. I've heard that even in the "best" of circumstances these conventions are slimy and brutal.

This will certainly be "Daniel in the lion's den".

BUMP of the day...

I'm just gonna bump this...because it's something any of our delegates should watch.

I've heard the establishment has been known to have the air conditioning turned off and the bathrooms "broken" in hopes to push thru an unpopular nomination.

We need to be prepared for the worst..that way anything else is a pleasant surprise.

Much Luv and Respect fellow Patriots =)

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Bookmarked for future reference for 1968 disturbing

Democratic Convention in Chicago.

Peace delegates, 7000 demonstrators thrashed by out-of-control police force, evening candlelight marches. . . doomed pro-war H Humphrey's 1968 candidacy

Jan B, thanks for the reminder of those turbulent anti-VietnamWar days. It's still mind-boggling that it took SEVEN more years after that Convention, and 40,000 more soldiers' death, before the war was ended.