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Ron Paul Wins 2012 Nevada Republican Caucus Despite Fraud From Romney Campaign

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And I Quote...

Early in the day, the heads of the Paul and Romney Nevada campaigns were called to the podium and spoke unifying words. The niceties ended there.

Within half an hour, a Republican Party official was scolding the Romney campaign operatives quietly in the hallway, "Why would you pull these stunts half an hour into a convention?"

The scolding came after a maneuver commonly pulled by the Romney camp of circulating forged slates meant to look like official correspondence from Paul's campaign, in an attempt to fraudulently manipulate election results. Eyewitness reports indicate the Romney campaign has done the same in Colorado and in Maine.

The team circulating these slates was initially believed to be in possession of forged convention credentials, calling into question whether the Romney campaign might attempt to stack the convention as a way of falsify voting results in its favor in this hotly contested state.

When asked if the Romney campaign's dirty tricks would come to hurt Romney, Nevada Lt. Governor and Romney state co-chairman Brian Krolicki responded, "There are no dirty tricks."

Real Deal Right Here
“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a central bank, and he can rob a country and the world.”

Barracuda, what is source

For that hallway statement. I am including it in a news article.

Right..or those people these

Right..or those people these are not dirty tricks..they are standard operating procedure and crooked.

Can't fake this DIEBOLD AND NWO!!!


this should be front page news

'course the msm is not allowed to tell the truth

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Total Black out on the Sunday Political "Programs"

They did show a funny film with Michelled "throwing her hat" towards Flip Romney. It was so funny, no one showed up. She endorsed him in Virginia and she represents Michagan. The neoons on Faux are starting to complain about Ronmey's stupid comments. They are going to be forced to abandon him. Faux news now takes orders from Obama since Rupert Murdoch is being framed and theatened with jail time. Just like Dr. Paul predicted, the whole system is failing.

The Washington Post announced Paul's wins

News is out there.