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Maine convention made a mistake and elected Gov. LePage as an elector. - that's illegal

An elected official is not able to be an elector.

An elector is considered an elected position, and you can not hold 2 elected positions at once.



From the Constitution:

2:  Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:  but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

Person holding an Office of Trust - That should include Gov.

Person holding Office of Profit under the united states should mean Treasurer

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He was elected as a delegate at large and his wife was elected as an alternate to go to Tampa on the Paul ballot.

No more to the story as far as I know.

My wonder is will he accept the offer from the Paul camp. He has not endorsed yet, but you have to know he is only in office because of tea party folks and many Paul people.

As a delegate at the Maine GOP Convention

I can second the fact that he was elected a delegate and his wife an alternate. I would also like to add that Paul LePage's name was in the #1 slot on both the Paul camps delegate slate as well as the Romney camps slate. He would have gotten elected regardless of who held the majority. Of, course, I would love to see our good governor endorse Dr. Paul!

He was elected to be one of

He was elected to be one of the 2 At large presidential electors. That vote was taken between the election of the national committee ( man / woman) and the platform discussion and vote.

Based on my notes from the Convention...

I have noted that Sam Canders and Cody Morgan took the presidential elector positions. I suppose it's possible I noted it incorrectly.

I'm from Texas, but shouldn't there be 4 for Maine?

I thought each state named a slate of 4 electors?

Link here

Does MaineGOP make the other 2 electors automatically tied to party posts or something?

Governor as elector

This was not illegal because the prohibition only all pies to federal office holders and employees. It does create the problem that if the Republican nominee for president were to win the the state of Maine in the general election, the only way the governor could serve as elector would be to step down from his office as governor.

Would not that logic imply he could be Senator & Governor?

Since his state office would be Gov and federal office Senator?

The GOP primary process is NOT governed

by the US Constitution. The part quoted is for electors to the Electoral College and not for delegates to a National party convention.


you are mixing apples and oranges.

This is a primary.

Electors for the general election should not be elected or appointed by a Republican delegation only.

I think you made a mistake.

Electors are chosen in the primary

The parties choose who they want. I'm a candidate for Elector.

In Texas all the elected big shots are delegates

Example from Wikipedia:


To show the calculation of a state's delegation, the following example shows the size of the Texas delegation (based on the current political makeup and not counting additional delegates due to the intervening Census; Texas is a GOP stronghold):

Texas is allowed 10 delegates under the at-large rule.
The chairperson of the Texas GOP, the state national committeeman, and the state national committeewoman counts as one delegate each, for a total of three delegates.
Texas will have 36 members in the House of Representatives after the 2012 elections; thus, Texas is allowed 108 delegates (36 * 3) under the House membership rule.
As John McCain carried Texas in the 2008 United States Presidential Election, and as Texas has 38 electors (36 House members plus its two Senators), Texas is allowed 4.5 delegates under the at-large provision plus an additional 22.8 delegates (38 * 60%), for a total of 27.3 (4.5 + 22.8), rounded upward to 28 delegates.
Texas is allowed the following additional delegates as follows:
One additional delegate as the current Governor of Texas (Rick Perry) is Republican.
Of the 32 current members of the House, 20 are Republicans; thus, one additional delegate under this provision.
As both houses of the Texas Legislature are controlled by the GOP (77-73 in the Texas House of Representatives and 19-12 in the Texas Senate) and both chambers are presided over by a Republican (Joe Straus as the Speaker of the House and David Dewhurst as Lieutenant Governor, which presides over the Senate), two additional delegates (one for having any chamber meeting the criteria, and one additional for having both chambers meet the criteria).
As both United States Senators from Texas are Republicans (Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn), and as both have been elected within the past six years, two additional delegates.

The Texas delegation would thus consist of 10 + 3 + 108 + 28 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 155 members.

governor is not a federal office

I may be incorrect, but I believe the relevant section of the Constitution only precludes *federal* officials from electoral college participation. The fabric of dual sovereignty federalism may be ripping apart at an alarming rate, but as far as I know, a State governorship has never been construed as a federal office.


You may be correct but no one cares. Why? For example in Iowa we do this all the time. Our governor was given one of the NRC delegate slots by the nominating committee. We know he is more of a Romney type, but we can't burn bridges either. And I think we are doing a good job of this as we just took over the Iowa GOP a few weeks back.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

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campaign needs to call the convention chair

andchaired amend that and elect another, otherwise the state party will end up fixing it and putting a NeoCon in

Does This Need Attention Today?

If so, can a runner take a note to the chair?