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Ron Paul Tops Google

I have always had to search for Paul when looking for news concerning the campaign. Currently you only have to look at the top of the list on google.


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yeh, I'm not giving them any clicks.

we learned to live without them right? :)

(sorry OP, this was supposed to be a reply under the washpost link but I did it wrong, washpost :-p ) well actually many of us have learned to live without google too....

I've notice on two of the big newspaper stories they have

a picture of someone dressed like a buffoon on the front page when mentioning his wins. Sad thing is, they are probably Santorum or Romney tea party people.


I can't find the other one, but it was about Maine and some guy dressed in an Uncle Sam hat or something else equally ridiculous.

msm sucks

love that dude mustache

Imagine how many of the Ron Paul search queries were establishment types just waking up to what Paul is doing. Very promising.