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Social Security Vs. Private Retirement

Professor Antony Davies really puts it into perspective in this short but informative video. I'm sure there's plenty of legitimate points to be made on both sides of the "Social Security is good/bad" argument, but I believe that if it is going to exist, it should at least be privatized..Amazing how so many people have been conned into believing that it is free market capitalism that is evil, as oppose to the physical force of government intervention.


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A "privatized" Ponzi scheme is still a Ponzi scheme,

as Mr. Madoff would surely attest. it's only advantage is that participation would not be mandatory.

Give people the freedom to decide whether or not to save and plan for their own retirement, and eliminate the laws that shackle us to a currency that continually erodes that value of any savings that people may have.

My private retirement could also be yours too...

I actually backed into my private retirement -- accidentally.

I share all this with my Ron Paul friends here at the daily paul and on this thread about "Social Security vs Private Retirement".

Here is how I did it, backed into my "private retirement". 2006 hit real estate hard. While being busy selling commercial properties as a real estate broker for 23 years, I like everyone else put my extra money into a 401k retirement plan and bought a few coins of gold & silver. For me most of my retirement was in a "Sep" plan and in stocks that frankly, I knew nothing about. My retirement money was really out of my hands and I might as well been throwing darts at the stock market for all that I knew, which was nothing.

Ok, to make this short, when the real estate market was collapsing, I was doing less and less sales to get "income" commissions. And I watched like everyone else, the stock market start to kill my retirement monies. Luckily I found a company that would convert my retirement plan into a "SELF DIRECTED IRA". Thanks to them, I can now direct my funds into things how I wanted. Wow, what a relief.

Next came the "problem" of what to invest in. While I was thinking, I took Ron Paul's advice, bought some 40 gold and silver eagles in 2006 (lucking break yes I know). While parking those funds there, I thought, well I know real estate, so why is my retirement in stocks. I like things I can see and touch. And I knew apartments, they were so easy to understand. While thinking, a year later I ran into a friend who was buying a 110 unit deal, and he let me into it as a "passive equity investor" for $25,000, so I put my Self Directed IRA funds in my first apartment deal as an "owner". I did not really feel like an owner, just one of 15 other passive investors, but it was exciting. It was 110 unit building with professional property management and I knew enough to see it was bought low and was cash flowing real good. Each month, I got my percent of the deal, it was great!

For those that listen to Robert Kiyosaki - yes, that is what I did I guess, although I never heard of him at the time. No, I have not read his books.

So that is what I do now full time. I find great cash flowing properties with great property management and just collect a check each month. The first deal I bought on my own was a 4 plex. It was a great deal. It cost me a lot more in repairs than I thought it would and it took only 29 months to get all of my investment back, but at least now its just pure profit each month. Its an "apartment security check", which may just turn out to be a thousand times better than a "social security check".

Then came filing my taxes. Wow, you mean I pay only 15%? Great. Write off expenses? Awesome! Now I realize I am paying the Mitt Romney 13% tax -- score!

So instead of really retiring, now I play on the Daily Paul and look for deals. I find more apartment deals to invest in all the time. Its fun. I love it. Now I am looking in my home state of Arizona which is a rising market again believe it or not, prices up 7% in four months, so I got to find more fast. From those great contacts that I know in the business, I am also being sent deals to look at in other states, some in Texas and Florida.

I have been a member hear since 2007, and I thought I should give you a good tip. It works. And no, I never bought the Robert Kiyosaki "training" course. So I cannot recommend it, but people have just told me that is what I am doing. Well it works. Since my Daily Paul people are family (it feels that way most of the time), I want to let you know its one way to go to make your private retirement. The best is, you can "retire" when you wish. For me, my apartment buildings will always be sending me checks, each month, no matter where I live or what I do. This could be your private retirement too. Heck, if you are young, get in now. I wish I did.

So, can you do it all on your own, YES! If you are like me, and like to "go in on the big deals" because you don't like the property management side, just contact me. I would love to show you what I have going and help you along. Why the "big deals"? Answer: Professional property management. What a big help those companies are. Unlike the 4 plex which I still have (takes about 7 days a month to deal with), The "big deals" are great because I never have to deal with any tenant issues at all. So "big deals" are really "easy deals". I would sell the 4 plex to give me even more free time, but then, its paid for, so why should I do that?

How easy are the "Big Deals" with passive partners? Well unlike my 4plex where I do it all, with "big deals" I can be on any beach, sipping my drink. I can walk over to any coffee shop, read the daily paul on my laptop, and just collect my check each month. Nice. And you can set your retirement up this way too. Plus, I get a kick out of driving my 73 year old mom around point at really large apartment buildings and saying, "I own that". (of course I am just one of six "passive investor owners", but why spoil the moment with details?)

No, No, No, for the skeptics out there, NO, I do not have any apartment deal to sell anyone. No, I am not looking to sell my 4 plex. Yes I am always looking buy an apartment building (so yes, call me a buyer). But no, I have nothing to sell, just trying to tell my simple story of how I backed into retirement and stop being a real estate broker living from commission check to commission check. No, I am not rich (yet), just doing ok, collecting checks each month, and I am having a great time and lots of time being a full-time dad to my 3 boys. I am now the "soccer-dad", the "wrestling-dad", the "tennis-dad" and of course the "Ron Paul dad".

Let me say something about being a "Ron Paul dad". My wife (not into Ron Paul or politics) and my boys also not into Ron Paul or politics, all of them had a 100% turn around after I took them to a Ron Paul speech. They were shocked at the hundreds and hundreds of people who turned out. And then the warm up bands, and then when Ron Paul walked out he was given a "rock star" treatment with everyone suddenly standing and screaming "President Paul". Everyone's cell phone was up high and recording, it was truly a spectacular thing to see and especially FEEL. Its a 2011-12 phenomenon that YOU JUST CANNOT MISS. So the good news? My family is now 100% behind me and Ron Paul. They don't wince or fear that I stand with a minority, no, they now see it as it is, a truly BIG MOVEMENT.

Ok, so if you would like to know more about passive investing, just say hello and contact me here via email, or on facebook.

Treg Loyden

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I am interested

in investing too Treg. I used to be in RE as an agent but now in insurance. (I had to find something that was making money). I am interested in passive deals like this however I'm not at that point yet. Its funny that you posted here I was looking for someone to advise since I've never done before. I just wanted to say hey and let you know I may contact you in the future about it. I've been into Paul for awhile now but I've just found this site. Great to find similar minded people here. Go Ron Paul Go!

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wonderful post Treg, thanks


IMO > IWA (I would argue) that

Public agency is OK (ex. Social Security, libaries, roads or space programs) so long as it is volitional and donors have the right to withdraw from fraud or abuse (such logic therefore abolishes taxation while freeing individuals from funding unjust wars etc).

Either way, Social Security and/or stocks are vehicles of speculation and no one should be coerced into participating. Further if the currency was viably restored, why not just save?