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The Green Republican Manifesto: Tales from Campaigning in Glen Ellen, CA

Since being back in California I have able to spend a couple Saturday afternoons canvasing my local neighborhood in Glen Ellen, CA. The population is about 300 people. Not huge. I think I've got about a third covered so far. Got help from another Activist in the Valley (pop: 15,000; includes City of Sonoma and a few unincorporated areas) yesterday and he was bringing up the Blue Republican movement of Independents and Democrats that are registering for just 1 year as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul. Mosts of my area are Democrats, or left-leaning Independents; or Greens. Most of them like most of what Ron Paul says, but other than that, are not interested in Republicans in general.

A decent amount are open to switching registration to help out, especially if I'm able to explain that all of our candidates in the Democratic Primary in our congressional and state districts are incumbents and facing no real opposition.

A friend of mine that lives in the area was actually registered Libertarian and had voted Ron Paul in 2008, so we hooked him up to get registered to vote for him this time.

One neighbor was actually an active Green that was considering registering Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

So, as a former Green, and coming from a similar approach in regards to my commonality with the Republican Party outside of my fellow Ron Paul supporters, thought I'd write briefly on the subject of being a "Green Republican."

The Green Republican Manifesto

A Green Republican is a progressive, specifically a former Green Party member, that has joined the Republican Party in order to nominate Ron Paul and keep him to his word on ending the Wars overseas, ending the Federal War on Drugs, overturning the Patriot Act and NDAA, protecting Social Security and Medicare during his budget balancing cuts and staying neutral on Abortion or Gay Marriage as President.

Green Republicans also support Ron Paul's positions on corn and soy subsidies, oil subsidies, bank bailouts, foreign military aid and capital punishment.

The leverage of the Green Republican is that if denied representation on the above issues; they will revert their registration back to the Green Party.

Green Republicans are also likely to continue to vote for Greens running for other offices.

Green Republicans recognize that for them to be free to fully exercise their legislative process at home, and within their state, others must be free to do the same elsewhere, and that attempting to legislate beyond the Constitution at the Federal level actually creates more harm than good.

Under a Paul Presidency and a Libertarian Federal Government, a State like California would be able to expediently legalize Gay Marriage, Legalize Marijuana, radically reform their education system, preserve more land, tax oil, tax corporations (as corporations will have a reduced federal tax under Paul; a flat 15%), and regulate their market however the wish.

Under a battle at the federal level, we waste our energy and deny ourselves these freedoms.

Green Republicans are the new Bull Moose Progressives.

The Great Compromise is Ron Paul for President.

https://register.rockthevote.com/?partner=1&source=rtv.com-t... <- register Republican to vote for Ron Paul if you still can.