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Thousands gather to see Ron Paul and the Tea Party Express in Texas

On Sunday, thousands in Texas gathered for a Tea Party Express rally. This rally featured Ron Paul, his son and Senator Rand Paul, Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer, and Texas Republican candidate for U. S. Senate, Ted Cruz. Many expressed relief to see a Tea Party organization not rushing to support Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton said “One day this rally will occupy a special place in our history books when the Paul family and tea party are credited with restoring American government to its constitutional limits. How soon this recognition comes is up to voters”.

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*NO NUMBERS ARE IN FROM THE CAMPAIGN YET - This will be updated when I get their press release*

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Ignore the leadership. They

Ignore the leadership. They are corrupt, but the sheep who follow them are not. In other words: Use their functions to educate them! This is why Ron Paul is there. We should be doing the same.

Tea Party Express

are neocons.. I would hold onto my wallet if I were them.

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Imagine if there was a politician who could

unite tea party enthusiasts and college students all across the United States.

That's right, you don't have to imagine.

Thank you Angel

Thank you Angel

It's about time.

It's about time the Tea Party came out and supported Dr. Paul. Long overdue if you ask me. I have been mad at the tea party since January. Glad to see Amy Kremer actually had some guts today.

Amy came off sounding like a Neocon

At one point, she praised Marco Rubio and appeared to be shocked that everyone in the audience was there to see Ron Paul. Her long, rambling diatribe was interrupted frequently with shouts of "Ron Paul" and "President Paul" Rand Paul gave a great talk to introduce Ted Cruz, candidate for the US Senate. Mr Cruz said all the right things to appeal to a group of Ron Paul supporters. When he mentioned that he was in favor of auditing the Fed, the crowd erupted with shouts of "End the Fed!" Dr. Paul was the final speaker and was as usual, wonderful. It was truly an amazing rally to attend.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Make no mistake, Amy Kremer is a neocon.

Tea Party Express

well, I'm just glad they didn't invite Romney to the rally. Some Tea Party groups are like "Anyone but Obama" so they're running to Romney. Regardless of the neo-cons, I say thanks for having Ron Paul there!

Thanks AC

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