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Ron Paul wins all of Maine's GOP delegates

That's the headline from the Portland Press Herald.

AUGUSTA — The second day of the Maine Republican State Convention is coming to an end, but the controversy continues.

Organizers at the Augusta Civic Center on Sunday said presidential candidate Ron Paul has won 22 state delegates that will go to the national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., and fellow candidate Mitt Romney has won zero.

The results were based on voting Saturday night and Sunday.


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Does anyone know when the

Does anyone know when the next delegate convention is and which
state(s) they are for?



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Don't Abstain, Vote Paul

Come August we will have a significant portion of the delegation as Paul supporters, perhaps even a majority. Honestly I do not believe abstaining in mass is the answer. Maybe I am wrong but I think that this will open the door for rules changes and shenanigans. At the very best abstaining only gets you to a second round of voting. You may abstain and Mittens still gets enough votes.

Rule 38 or not I think it is time for a revolt en masse on the first ballot. We may only get one shot at this thing and holding out hope for a 2nd round is a very long shot. If we are going to go down, better we go out swinging and on our own terms.

Important thread, please vote UP and share

Republican Executive Committee Member Calls for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus


We need to support this man so others may follow suite.

Challenge America?

Just how many state convention outcomes does Romney think he can challenge? Trying to throw out your parties delegates and votes wont work. You can only write so many news articles about "challenging convention outcomes" before Romney starts looking like a political hack and a loser.

awe Fucking some


I'll admit I was slightly upset when romney 'won' maine I had no idea the Paul supporters out there were so organized.


How Was The Chairmanship Vote So Close?

Ron Paul supporters dominated this. So can somebody explain to me how it was, when the challange for the Chairmanship of the meeting was decided, Brent Tweed (the Ron Paul man) only won by 4 votes over Charlie Webster (the establishment man)?? That's seems too ridiculously close seeing as Ron Paul supporters were such a large majority? Was it perhaps because it was decided by a standing vote count and there may have been many Webster supporters standing who were were not actually delegates? Anybody any thoughts?

Yeah, WTF?

Why was it so darn close?

And this goes to show how important it is for EVERYBODY to go to these things and stay as long as possible.

Romney want those delegates

According to this news snippet Mitt Romney is getting his lawyer to look at the results....this is so strange to me and I hope Ron Paul will still end up with the delegates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96ThN6coPqQ&feature=g-all-u

Does anyone know how many alternates we won in Maine?

Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

We got all of the alternates

We got all of the alternates as well, that would be 15. You want to talk about a long weekend!!! I don't want to go through that again for, well, ever. It was well worth it though. You all should have seen the establishment. They were so bewildered, then angry, the defeated!!!! It was GLORIOUS!!!!!

On the Maine convention

livestream thread, someone who was there said they got all of the alternates, and it is 21 delegates, not 22.

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we got the 15 at large alternates plus 3 from each of the two districts.

Ron Paul has won legitimately/ they can't take it back!!! LOL!

If we take this to court WARREN G. HARDING is our case proof!!! It works and Paul is within the rules!!! UP THE NWO'S ARSE!!!

Voters are people, my friend


Hey GOP, where's my vote?

Cloud nine...

...can you feel it?!!!;D

21 or 22?

So one of the super delegates is a Ron Paul supporter? I haven't seen that info anywhere- I hope you are right!

There is no guarantee Governor LePage will vote for Ron Paul but I hope he does, unless you heard he declared his support too? Governor LePage is one of the delegates.


20 of 24 :) Wohoo!! REMEMBER THE MAINE!!

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"


it is 21, not 22. Someone on other thread who was there said 21 delegates and all of the alternates.

The article now says 20

Any idea if it's 20 of 20, 21 of 21, or 20 of 21, etc?

Apparently there are a few super delegates too for a total of 24?

The One Vote is for the Governor who was on both slates

... The time Ron Paul visited Maine the Governor asked to see and speak with him. It sounds like he will lean more towards RP then Romney.

Bump for freedom RP


Romney sending in Lawyers to get delegates thrown out.!

Looks like Mittens is having a tantrum. Well guess what, he is going to have to have a lot of lawyers in many states where the same thing will happen! Sore losers!

Are these the same lawyers

that he spoke about during one of the debates saying he would have to ask them about whether or not to go to war in a certain situation, or maybe it was about bombing Iran?
ha ha
Ron straightened him out and laughed saying " I can't believe this, why not just look at the constitution"

Yeah, Romney is a real duzzie!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

It's like Charlie Manson

It's like Charlie Manson appealing the verdict...sure, he has a legal right to appeal, but everyone knows he's nuts.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Don't underestimate

the extent of where those crooks will go to secure the nomination for Romney.
The Ron Paul campaign and supporters must gather evidence to discredit Romney's "popular vote" winning by exposing how he does it.

Maybe someone can start a website "How Romney wins the popular vote"
where we can post all the exibits like these;




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...is more awesome stuff to collate.

Please post it on this thread and share it.



No...this is not a dream.

No...this is not a dream. RON PAUL WON MAINE!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.