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Ron Paul Wins All of Maines delegates to the RNC in Tampa Romney wins ZERO

Ron Paul Wins All of Maines delegates to the RNC in Tampa Romney wins ZERO

AUGUSTA — The second day of the Maine Republican State Convention is coming to an end, but the controversy continues.

Organizers at the Augusta Civic Center on Sunday said presidential candidate Ron Paul has won 22 state delegates that will go to the national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., and fellow candidate Mitt Romney has won zero.

The results were based on voting Saturday night and Sunday.

But Paul's victory is likely to be challenged by the Romney campaign, which has dispatched its top lawyer, Benjamin Ginsberg, to Maine. Ginsberg was President George W. Bush's lawyer during the 2000 Florida recount.

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster said this morning that the Romney campaign will contest the results and attempt to have them thrown out. The Romney campaign will argue that the vote didn’t take place in an open forum, Webster said.

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Liberty4Me's picture

If it goes to the courts,

it kinda breaks down the "we're a private club" position they've been hiding behind to justify all their other shenanigans, doesn't it?

So what do they plan to do?

So what do they plan to do? hold another convention? Guess who will win it again.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Donate TODAY! We shall overcome! Fight on! Fight Hard!

Donate TODAY! We shall overcome! Fight on! Fight Hard!


bigmikedude's picture

But everything's OK when Charlie Webster

manipulates caucus dates, lies, misinforms, suspends rules, etc, when something is in the neocons' back-room-deal favor.

Eat me Romney, and Charlie. You whining crybabies. I'd say take your ball and go home, but unfortunately, we just took it from you. So I guess all you can do is just "Go home."

And what payed off judge do they got in their back pocket

U know it.

herman cane forums?


Can anyone find a actual link to the real story NOT a mirror site?


They are challenging it! Here comes the lawyers! Its time to get pissed people!


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Ya got to love the comedy comment section


I went to the Ron Paul website hoping for something to embrace. I heard he is a libertarian. There are elements of libertarianism that I agree with. Unfortunately, every stance he addressed follows the Tea Party line. He also advocated for the 'big government" in the bedroom of every citizen view. What a disappointment. He isn't a libertarian.

The Mittsits screw up the

The Mittsits screw up the convention and we get blamed for it? LOL..like we made fake delegate sheets for ourselves just to "mess" with the Maine convention..that is bizarre..

Did you mean..

...Mittsfits? hehe..;D

Meanwhile...Back at the Ranch

Romney and his "Desperat-0es" are trying to convince the RNC to
allow all of Florida's delegates to be "SEATED".

Florida had their # of delegates reduced by 50% as a penalty for
pushing up the date on the Florida Primary.

Mittens has asked that the "excluded" delegates be allowed to
go to Tampa and simply "attend".

But when it comes to Maine the Results will be contested?
Ginsburg is just trying to prevent an avalanche from burying Mittens.

These are just tactics of fear, fact is, Republicans have been scaring the citizenry so long...they're not used to experiencing fear themselves........How's that feel fellas?


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Not to mention the fake

Not to mention the fake delegate slates that happened at least once and reported to have happened in at least 2 other states, and Romney reportedly buying votes with sandwhiches. How can these guys go around claiming to be the moral police and the law enforcers, when they clearly have no morals and abide by no law?