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Paul Camp said to have violated rules of procedure in Maine. Huh?

This is off a Faux noos site, but still, I am wondering what this means, if anything.

"Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter who lost Saturday's bid to chair the convention, called the turn of events at the Maine convention "bizarre." Cragin said the Paul-led delegation may not be recognized at the national convention because of violations of rules of procedure this weekend in Augusta."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/06/paul-supporters-m...

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Yeah, well there was some "bizarre" stuff in Maine

caught on tape showing how the delegate slates were being messed with by the Romney campaign.

"My video of Romney operative cheating at GOP convention"


It's the new "sour grapes" routine from the GOP.

"If you don't elect our puppets, you can't come to our soiree".

They are just a bunch of corrupt blowhards.
Even when they make the rules, if anyone else wins, they want to take their ball and go home.
These a-holes needed to be booted out long ago. At least, now they are getting what they deserved.

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Faux noos and C(BS) snooze 58-Milwaukee

watched the golf tournament yesterday afternoon with my wife.
Afterwards, they had the national/world "news". They covered it all(???): Elections in France, Greece, Russia. U.S.A.? Maine, Nevada delegate fight? Naught...on to local "news" headline: willard "the presumptive nominee"...guess who else got the spotlight...Newt! "veep?"...on to "60 Minutes". First story is talk of newest war machine jet fighter F-16. One of CBS' owners: Westinghouse the munitions supplier.

WDJT-TV(CBS) Channel 58
809 S. 60th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53214

See ya'll in Green Bay, May 12!

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– Thomas Jefferson

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I personally think they would be foolish to challenge.

From a campaigning standpoint, the Romney faction must know they can never win against Obama without all the support they can get, and they must know that screwing with us, is definitely going to make their efforts to gain any tiny bit of support from us even less likely.

When you're going to have to beg, plead, and bargain with somebody, it's not a smart move to start off by poking them in the eye.

In addition, a challenge would show that they're worried about

Ron Paul, giving his campaign more publicity and leverage.

Has anyone else noticed that

Has anyone else noticed that the official website has posted and taken down the story about the Nevada and Maine conventions?

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has it posted from what I see:

http://www.ronpaul2012.com/ - Upper left below the header.

(Direct story link: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/05/06/big-wins-in-maine-and-... )

I'm confident...

...President Paul will get all of his delegates from Maine...I feel like this is to just make us all look like a bunch of crazed lunatics who riot like someone would after a soccer match in Europe...keep the faith!

Why Do We Give Fox News The Time Of Day??

You only have to read "With Mitt Romney's nomination all but decided..." (when it clearly isn't!) and "A snowstorm forced the cancellation of some caucuses..." (no it didn't!) and you know this is Fox News. Why do we give this MSM manipulator even the time of day??

Ask Cragin does he mean break rules like in N Dakota

were they totally cheated


Cheated..Railroaded..it was terrible.

Charles Cragin = Sour Grapes

The Maine caucus was ran probably too accomodatingly

Ya, this "Faux noos site" pissed me off

when I read it and Carson tries to tell Ron Paul supporters they had to back Robme. NO! The establishment must back Ron Paul!!

Time to hire attorneys

We're in for a fight, and we the people can do so much, we need attorneys to help us keep this out of the courts, where they'll send it in an effort to bankrupt the campaign.

Call their bluff

The Mittens contingent can ill afford to move forward with this argument if they expect to have any chance at winning in November. The MSM has already documented the Romney camp's attempts to commandeer and falsify the results of the Maine primary. This is nothing more than sour grapes from a bunch of losers.

That's exactly what I'd do..

Shoot immediately back to them and place it right on Websters and his ass puppet. Charles "CrackSmokin" Cragin.

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..losers. Imagine had they won. If they understand the process they'd find nothing to complain about. They're just outwitted and outnumbered. It goes without saying the support Dr. Paul has. Winning it is the evidence. A far cry from what the MSM has been peddling all this time.

Yeah It's true!

We violated the first, albeit unwritten, rule of the 2012 edition of the Republican Party: All those seeking to call themselves Republican shalt pledge to give Mitt Romney a proverbial hum job.

oh myyy... you guys (and gals) are really

punchy tonight, lol! too funny...

Sounds like

Sour Grapes.

This could be a pandoras box

for the Romney camp.
Whats that saying...don't throw stones at a glass house...I forgot the rest, something about watch what you say if what you do is just as bad, something...?

Violation of rules?

Well if that is the case we should be able to counter sue for every dang state we went too!

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

This is a job for

Ben Swann

does anyone know what this guy is talking about?

I am just wondering if I missed something some where or is this guy full of it.

I see someone else posted about Romney contesting the results of the main election. Maybe that's it....

I think they're referring to

the "warning" letters put out trying to buffalo delegates into supporting Romney when they have no legal grounds to do so. Besides, they're on video passing around fake Ron Paul delegate slates (packed with Romney supporters mind you!) in order to trick people into voting for them so Romney would "win". Now, they're developing a "martyr's" complex after all the fraud that helped them WIN the election in the first place.

It is BS and their part and a desperate plea for sympathy and media attention as they try to cast themselves as "martyrs" trying to save America from the evil Dr. from Texas, the renegade, the "kook" who can't win, etc. etc. to imply WE are cheating THEM!