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Texas Convention June 7-9. Who is with me?

Tomorrow marks the 1 month countdown for the Texas State Convention. I would like to open a thread on Potential Chairs and Delegate Slates for Tampa. Also, any organization that we can use to unite us for voting in blocks and other organizational needs are a must! I fully expect the GOP to be entrenched and if we want the same type of success as our brothers and sisters in Nevada and Maine et al then we had better be prepared to fight!

Please tell me what else I can do to be prepared.

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Contact the Campaign

If you are a Ron Paul delegate that is going to Fort Worth, you should contact the campaign and get plugged in with your local delegate coordinator. The campaign will let you know the additional things you can do so that Texas turns out just like the other states we witnessed this weekend.

Just had a ...

... neighbor knock on my door, asking me where he could get two yard signs like mine! Can anyone help me? I'd be happy to pick it up anywhere in Plano Dallas area tomorrow... or ASAP...(I'm an alternate, but will be having knee surgery on Wednesday... might not be able to drive for two months... it could be a problem...)

Plano TX

Republic of Texas

You will be there. All hands on deck! We're it buddy. Texas is where Ron Paul will win the nomination. Texas is your country of origin. Fight for it. If you want to be there, you will be there.

"You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas."
- Davy Crockett

With Freedom Comes Responsibility