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A plea of reason to reject a government monopoly on 1 language

I’m a passionate Ron Paul supporter but there’s one item that many of my fellow Ron Paul supporters have a problem with that I just can’t simply ignore. It’s the philosophy of
“speak English or GTFO”. This is very troubling because we’ve let something, whether it’s unfounded bigotry or simple ignorance, blind us from seeing that we deviate from a philosophy of individual freedom when we hold this opinion.
The point is that the message and philosophy of liberty are supposed to be inclusive but then we tack on the part where we say, “as long as it’s in English only” and it becomes exclusionary.
Why? Why does it have to be English only? Why does the bigotry toward language have to be a de facto rule to disqualify or exclude a person before even examining their character or ideas? We should know better. Good ideas and strong character are not relevant to language. A neurosurgeon from India that speaks Hindi is no less skilled and brilliant than one from the U.S. that speaks only English.
I know it’s a Republican wet dream to make English the only language recognized in the United States, and it’s a bad idea because the very nature of it means it is exclusionary and furthermore becomes a matter of government monopoly over individual liberty. I will use a familiar example to explore this concept further.
The United States dollar is the ONLY officially recognized currency in the United States. It’s easy to divide into smaller denominations and by law it’s accepted everywhere in the United States as the ONLY legal tender. Our beacon of reason, Dr. Ron Paul, wants to introduce competing currencies (silver and gold). Why? We already have a unified currency. “Use the dollar or GTFO” is what a majority of Americans say to that, but not Ron Paul and his supporters.
“Well that has to do with economics and fiat currency.”
Correct but the parallels are quite striking.

I was told by a fellow Ron Paul supporter during a debate on the issue, “If they (non-english speakers) wanted to be a part of our process they would make the effort to learn the language.”
That’s bull.
You know that the Old and New Testaments of the bible weren’t written in English, right? How many of you have personally made the effort to learn the original languages to read it in Hebrew and Greek (respectively)? Of course no one bothered doing that, you got a copy in English. How many Catholics go to a mass that’s delivered in Latin? Am I to assume that all those Catholics speak fluent Latin and can translate it into English in real time? If not I guess that means they really don’t believe in god or else they would make the effort to learn the language that the holymen use when they praise god.

“That’s religious freedom and has nothing do with choosing a language for government.”
If it’s not fair to call your faith fake because you can’t read the bible in it original forms then you shouldn’t dare question someone’s loyalty to a cause on the basis that they speak a different language.

What about Braille and sign language? Those aren’t English. I know they’re not because I speak English and I read English but I can’t read Braille and I don’t understand sign language (save for an extended middle finger). So I guess that means we should do away with those because only a very small percentage of people use it. But oh the compassionate ones we are, we need these methods of communication to help those that have a handicap. Guess what? A language barrier is a handicap too. Make another excuse?

Wake the hell up. It’s obvious you’re frustrated with illegal immigrants from Spanish speaking countries. We cannot blame all legal traditional conservative Latino U.S citizens. who speak only Spanish, for those that here illegally. Trying to shut everyone of them out of your “Liberty” clique and ignoring them is EXACTLY what the “establishment” has been doing to Ron Paul and his supporters for years. Instead of being the bigger, wiser men and extending a hand of friendship, it is too often that a finger is pointed to try and convince me that they’re the cause of the problems in the United States. If that’s the case, well my friends, I didn’t think the idea of individual liberty could become so small minded so quickly.

English is a foreign language to North America. It was imported by white men who slowly and steadily conquered the natives who spoke many tribal languages. Get off the damn high horse and stop demonizing people because of a little language barrier.

For further examples I refer you to “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”. And I leave you with this: Captain Kirk’s negative emotions towards the Klingons would have him see the Klingons die rather than to extend a hand of friendship when it has become clear that war is no longer sustainable and the Klingons need help.
Watch the movie to see how it ends.