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GOP is campaigning for Obama

I just had a funny day dream...what if FOX news, in effort to show grassroots support for Romney invited an avid "Romney supporter" to a live interview, and the "Romney supporter" confessed he was actually an Obama supporter...and that's why he's campaigning for Romney.

He'd go on to explain that Romney can't get the GOP base energized and won't win the Independent vote in the general election, so it's Obama's best chance of winning the general election. Wouldn't that would be hilarious?

In this same way, FOX and the main stream media has actually led most of the GOP to be effectively campaigning for Obama's re-election. They run the narrative that the party is trying to unify, and Ron Paul's interference of this mission is only helping Obama! (either that or the race is over) Of course Romney is just a less electable version of Obama, so GOP voters will meet their worst nightmare in November if they fall for the narrative.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the GOP masses are being led to effectively re-elect their sworn enemy?

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I don't think it's ironic..

it's planned. No matter what, Barry and Mitt have the same puppet masters as Fox.