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Calling all MSM comment posters!

We are so amazingly good at dominating the comment sections when articles are published regarding Dr. Paul. I typically read and post my share and the one thing that impresses me is the knowledge we have and our ability to defend Dr. Paul in an intelligent, cordial, "well, most of the time," and professional manner. However, one thing I noticed is that when I search for Ron Paul, I often find other articles "The ones MSM wants us to see" that I think we could start dominating as well. Most recently the AP's article entitled Who's who? Obama, Romney projecting mirror image. If you look at the comments, it's Obama and Romney supporters going at each other and there are many great spots for us to interject in only the way a true Paul Patriot can. Of course this is a bit like going into the Lion's Den and you need thick skin. Also, I rarely see Romney or Obama comments that include links to video. That is an extraordinarily huge advantage we have thanks to the thousands of Paul Supporters who have posted thousands of video's. Anyway, I'm looking for feedback on this idea and then I'm on my way to post a few links to the "Fraud by Romney supporters Captured in Nevada" Video:)

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I started soemthing like this but I didnt follow up


what do you think of this format? (please copy it if you like)

I think we are all a bit all over the place and many have not much time so something concentrated/directed makes sense and I second your view that there are many opportunities to inject our thoughts and especially self describing videos.

Rachel Maddow just tweeted about Ron Paul

Ron Paul wins 22 of 25 nat'l delegates at NV Repub convention today: http://bit.ly/INUMB2 #EverybodyFreakOut!

The link is to this article: