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National Delegate Results for Yesterday, May 5

Iowa - Ron Paul 10, Romney 3
Nevada - Ron Paul 22, Romney 3
Maine - Ron Paul 21, Romney 0
Total - Ron Paul 53, Romney 6

Current Associated Press (AP) delegate lie (May 6), disseminated to US media:

Iowa - Ron Paul 1, Romney 13
Nevada - Ron Paul 5, Romney 14
Maine - Ron Paul 10, Romney 12
Total - Ron Paul 16, Romney 39

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Better than the AP.... go here for delegate numbers


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I just looked at the AP, what a criminal enterprise

Current AP delegate lie, as of right now

Iowa - Romney 13, Ron Paul 1
Nevada - Romney 14, Ron Paul 5
Maine - Romney 12, Ron Paul 10
Total - Romney 39, Ron Paul 16

That website doesn't show a breakdown anywhere?


So technically, the delegates are unbound in Maine and Iowa but in Nevada our delegates will abstain during Round 1 but we do have 5 bound in Nevada that can vote Ron Paul in Round 1, correct??

Yes, but I read that it's 8 in Nevada

And I'm sure there are other options besides abstaining, such as RNC Rule 38, as reported by Ben Swann.