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3 Delegates, 3 Alternates for RP elected at VA 6th District Convention

The VA 6th District convention held on May 5, elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates, all supporters of Ron Paul, to represent us in Tampa. They are bound to Mittens on the first round ... unless there's a rule change. RP supporters now control the 6th.

I understand that there will be five more VA district conventions next Saturday. Some say that the 6th District, which includes Warren Co. (my county), and which went 59% - 41% for Ron Paul in the March primary, is the "talk" of the GOP committees around the state. Hope it gives them a shot in the arm!

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Bump for future VA convention viewers.

Bump for future VA convention viewers.

More great news for the R3volution!

Great work VA.

~Your perception becomes your reality~