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using TorBrowser

So I am a total newb here. I recently bought a 27in iMac. It is the first computer I have ever owned and I have spent more time on-line in these last three months than I have my entire life (thanks to you DP). I have been interested in how to make sure I am covering my butt out there on the web. Recently, I have been interested in DeepWeb and know enough that I haven't gone there. Just downloaded TorBrowser and don't totally understand how to use it they way it should be used. Been told to get a web filter, proxy server and router. I am so green to this that it is all greek. I have been reading up on it all and it is quite a bit to take in.

Just looking for some tips, advice, links or flat out instructions.

Any help offered would be greatly appreciated. Even if I don't go Deep Web I want to be protected here up on the surface as best I can. In short, HELP!

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