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Focus: Primaries this Tuesday May 8 in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia! How can we help Ron Paul win them?

Focus: Primaries this Tuesday May 8 in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia! How can we help Ron Paul win them?

Please leave any ideas in the comments. Spread the info. Focus on the prize!: Ron Paul in the White House. GGTV! Time to do a lot of last minute Anti-Romney stuff among crucial populations. What are our chances in each state?

May 8, 2012
Indiana.................46 Primary
North Carolina....55 Primary
West Virginia.......31 Primary

May 15, 2012
Nebraska..........35 Primary
Oregon.............28 Primary

May 22, 2012

May 29, 2012

June 5, 2012
New Jersey.........50......Primary
New Mexico.......23......Primary
South Dakota.......28......Primary

June 26, 2012

the primary hubs
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Please don't forget to add the Virginia District Caucuses that will be held in 6 days (12 May). For the ones already completed we won 7/9 delegates! We must take Virginia it is huge (49 delegates at stake)!!!

1st District: 12 May
2nd District: 12 May
3rd District: 12 May
7th District: 12 May
8th District: 12 May

10th District: 19 May
11th District: 19 May
5th District: 19 May

Already completed:
4th District: 28 April
9th District: 28 April
6th District: 5 May

Primaries calendar

How to register to vote in your state:

info en Espanol:

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What are the poll hours in these three states?

Thank you.

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Ron Paul ... forever.

Hot discussion of Virginia caucusses in the link:

To help Virginia go to this winning DP link:


Ron Paul ... forever.


Fellow DPer's please, focus on the task at hand, this is important! Of course we're excited, but this is just beginning, keep up the momentum!:-)

Ron Paul Headquarters contact

Things are complicated sometimes so they may have answers:

Headquarters Phone (Toll-Free):

Headquarters Phone (Local):

Ron Paul ... forever.

Looking ahead for Ron Paul delegates

I see Arkansas has an OPEN primary, and proportional allocation. I would pretty much guarantee we get some delegate action there.

West Virginia looks confusing, as the delegates are elected directly.

Kentucky is a closed primary, but proportional, so we should get some delegates.

N Carolina is proportional, but I doubt we will see much support. Hope I'm wrong but I ain't holdin my breath on that one.

Texas is proportional, so I can see why RP is showin some love down there. Texas is also an open primary. We will certainly pick up some delegates there.

Cali is winner-take-all. Would be interesting to see a poll or two. Though it is a CLOSED primary, not so good.

NM and SD are proportional, I see us picking up delegates.

Then we are back to the caucus with Montana and Nebraska. We can easily take those.

Really, it's all about Texas the way I see it. A good showing in Texas would be huge.

We are ready in Texas! Just

We are ready in Texas! Just wait and see...

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Little Elm, Tx

Very helpful?

Great analysis.

I am in CA and I re-registered. Wander what the numbers are in this respect. Deadline for re-registration in CA is May 15 (will re-check). CA is so big on Medical Cannabis - I just don't understand why these groups would not do more for Ron Paul. After all the raids.

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they are just not informed..need to go there and register them

as the campaign did with the events in Cali.
+ tell them where they need to go to vote.

great thread here:

I am so grateful...

... for those links.

Indeed the basic information is needed.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Don't forget!

I have links to threads for Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nebraska and Oregon primaries with important information, news, resources, and discussion in my signature below! :)

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

will put this on facebook


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No more caucuses?

I'm surprised that it seems as if the caucuses are over. If Paul's strategy was to go after caucus states, how was that supposed to push him over the top? I get the delegate strategy, and I'm glad it's paying off, but what about the primaries?

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Ron Paul ... forever.

Even if we get the most votes in a primary,

how would we know..they can just give half to Romney with the machines. Hopefully we can get enough poll watchers tomorrow in WV and Indiana, the only states I believe we have a chance to win. Romney will be screwed if he loses any of the next 5 primaries.


so let's help screw him.

Do you know that Mitt basically bought his place on the TIME top 100 most influential people - by sponsoring the event. Just for your entertainment.
Ron Paul was #9 by popular votes. Followed by a famous opposition politician from Burma, whom TIME decided to skip on the final list. I ma diverting from the focus, but there is an analogy here.

Republicans have been refining the voting machines for quite some time now, indeed.

Ron Paul ... forever.


My county is one of the larger ones in Indiana and Dr. Paul will have an "ok" showing. I think the majority of people in Indiana (or atleast my county) are voting for the guy that the tv says "can beat Obama". We just got some organization going here from the boots on the ground and more is going on than I expected at last minute. Considering Dr. Paul did not run ads here or stop here and there is no news coverage of him on local tv...people are still being awakened to liberty. At this point, I know we will have signs to cover all polling places in my county but are very short on people to campaign outside of them (which is crucial to getting the names of our delegates out as they will be voted on within the ballot). I will be doing campaign work all tomorrow and volunteering all day Tuesday. People here generally would rather have someone besides Romney, but many do not know RP is still running or think that he can win. We are working hard to defeat this train of thought and educate people. The midwest (atleast my county) is full of people who are brainwashed and will vote Romney or are ignorant and will vote for Santorum or Gingrich sadly. Hopefully, we can get enough signs, brochures, people, etc. out in order to give Ron Paul a good showing. The candidate that wins each county will get 3 delegates to the state convention and then there are somewhere around 14 that are at-large I believe. The goal is to get Ron Paul atleast double digit delegates between these two different methods. Call anyone you know in Indiana, call people you do not know! Anything helps at this point. I really want to see Ron Paul do well here though! Onto sleep and then lots of work the next 2 days! Hope that helps some...

Just another person trying to change the world... :)

please post this asap

as anew topic with INDIANA as a state.

Thank you for all your work. Good luck and have fun!

Ron Paul ... forever.

phone from home!

phone from home!

Create a logon and blog political articles for Ron Paul here...


This is the newspaper for a large part of Southern Indiana where I am.

If you view comments for any political article you will see where our folks have posted our delegate list as our delegates actually appear on the ballot.

State delegates here in Indiana are elected and it is more important to vote for us than for Ron Paul.

Please vote up our posts and promote our candidates. Bloomington is a liberal college town 70-80% democrat and we are hoping to reel in the CROSS OVER votes.

If you help us blog here make sure you talk nice to the democrats :-)

We need them and many are becoming dedicated blue republicans


blogging locally

is a great info tool.

And true, RP has a strongest support = beats Romney = among Democrats and non-conservatives - very liberal.

We do need them. Some Face Book Paulites are often too nasty (tasteless) about Obama - these may discourage those on the fence. And serves no purpose now. We are still in the primaries and our only rival now is Romney and MSM who shaped him into the nominee that he is not. He may be presumptive. :)

Ron Paul ... forever.

Also here...

Don't revel in today's wins

We must not rest now, but get 3 more on Tuesday. Only one more day to prepare for them!

you are correct

There is no rest until we have won!

good night

seems a healthy alternative for now. We need all the strength tomorrow.

Ron Paul ... forever.



info on NC...

> Primaries this Tuesday May 8 in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia! How can we help Ron Paul win them?

There's basically zero chance that Paul will win NC. The Paul campaign totally ignored the state (no signs, no ads, no campaign stops) and very few Paul supporters got involved and bothered to go to their county and district conventions. Paul picked up a few delegates at the district conventions, but nothing like what could have happened here.

An example of the level of morale amongst Paul supporters in NC: There was a sign wave on Saturday in Charlotte (largest city in NC with a population of over 2.4 million) and only about a dozen people showed up.

But, it's still important to try to get out the vote in NC because delegates will be awarded proportionally. If Paul gets 10% then he gets about 5 national delegates... but if he manages to get 20% then he gets about 10 delegates.

As far as how to help though?? Is the Paul campaign doing any GOTV efforts in NC at all? Will there be a "phone from home" drive for NC? Not that I've heard of.

Hard to believe that with Paul and Romney on ballot

in Virginia and he got 45% that he would not get at least 20% in NC. Then again, I am not from the area. Are gingrich and Santorum still on NC ballot? even so, I expect to finish 2nd with around 25%. People in the south generally dislike Romney but who knows if its diebold machines...we'll see I guess...I expect Paul to do best in WV and for Indiana, I cannot predict anything but my gut tells me we wont win there...

on the ballot

NC will have the following on the ballot:

No Preference


Paul was polling around 7% prior to Gingrich dropping out. He'll probably finish third with 10% or less. I hate to sound negative, but that's the reality of the situation here. I've put out hundreds of signs and gotten loads of people to pledge to vote for Paul, but I'm also well aware of the power of the media over the ignorant masses.

thanks for the 100s of signs in NC

let's hope some from the ignorant masses will stumble over them today and wake up.
I agree that the damage done to RP by the media everywhere is beyond contempt. It's treason.

Ron Paul ... forever.