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Take Virginia! 49 Delegates!

Here is the deal. We can win the majority of Virginia's delegates! We have already won 7/9 delegates from the district caucuses that are already completed. Also, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were the only ones on the ballot so only those two candidates had people registered to be delegates. There are going to be several more caucuses coming up in 6 days (May 12th)!!! Please spead the word we need to sweep this HUGE STATE!!!

Here is the breakdown by distict:

1st District: 12 May
2nd District: 12 May
3rd District: 12 May
7th District: 12 May
8th District: 12 May

10th District: 19 May
11th District: 19 May
5th District: 19 May

Already completed (we took 7 out of 9):
4th District: 28 April
9th District: 28 April
6th District: 5 May

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BUMP and question, please help!

I have family/friends in VA and am going to travel down there in a few days. Although I'm not a VA citizen I sure as hell can be very motivating and I know how to drive. I will be there this Sat (I'm pretty sure that's their caucus date). I will drive them anywhere, I will do anything. Someone please just answer some questions for me:

1) are random citizens, NOT already a delegate at any level, the ones going to these places to vote for the delegates?

2) do they have to be registered republican or is it open? I remember the primary vote was open but don't know if that's the same here

3) what is/are the time(s) they have to be present?

4) please hit me with all other logistic info I need

Seriously people I'll do pretty much anything just tell me what to do!!!!


Glad you're so excited! But...

Virginia doesn't have a caucus, we had our primary on SuperTuesday.

1) only county level delegates (at least in my district, they had to turn in a form awhile ago and be voted to be a delegate at the county level) will be the ones voting at the State or District level.

2) They do NOT have to be registered republican, but must have signed an oath claiming to be republican.

3)If they are already a delegate they MUST be present at the district and/or state convention in order to vote.

4)Each district gets 3 National level delegates to send to Tampa. As a county level delegate, I get three votes to send three National Delegates to Tampa.

If you're in the 1 district, hit me up for who's who.

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Delegates are Bound

According to the link provided, the Green Papers, the delegates are already bound to romney. So, even if we are able to get ron paul people in those slots, the only way we can use those delegates is if there is a brokered convention. Otherwise, we only have 3 delegates for Ron Paul. Nonetheless, I still think it would be beneficial for our virginia voters to show up to the convention and do what they can as far as getting us closer to the nomination, but also spread the message of liberty.

"An election is a short-term effort, a revolution is a long term project!" -RP

NO, NO, NO. We can abstain.

NO, NO, NO. We can abstain. Once the delegates are the floor the only way they can stop them is by forcibly removing them on national tv.

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More voices during the chants and cheers

When the crowd starts chanting 'president Paul', it will be louder if all of Virginia's delegates and alternates are shouting along.

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1) WE NEED EVERY SINGLE DELICIOUS DELEGATE WE CAN GET OUR HANDS ON! They vote for all kinds of things including VP and platform no matter what.

2) THEY CAN ABSTAIN!!! Every liberty lover who abstains is a MINUS 1 VOTE for Mittens!!

3) It's terrible PR for Mittens to lose all "his delegates", bound or un-bound, and makes the Soviet Media Propaganda machine that much harder to run!


I'm sorry Goose, but I think it's time to buzz the tower.

So they can abstain at

So they can abstain at National Convention?

"An election is a short-term effort, a revolution is a long term project!" -RP

There's another thread on the DP discussing the possibility and

rules, etc. .... But as far as I'm concerned they sure as hell can. :)

My understanding is that as long as they don't leave the convention floor they can't be replaced by alternates. So what are the Mittens guys gonna do if they don't vote? Shoot 'em?

BOOM! :)

PS someone put up video of the DNC back in 2008 including at least on "abstention" vote. It at least worked w/ the Dems...

NO, every delegate is VITAL

Get as many as we can.

It grabs valuable headlines (such as the MA delegates)

It keeps us on a roll

They are there for the taking, so why not

Romney is a chump

It inserts more Paul supporters into the state GOP machine

Reason #4


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ya i'm not sure what all goes

ya i'm not sure what all goes on at convention, so maybe there are useful things that can be done. that is why i said ron paul people should still go. I'm just simply saying that Romney already has 46 of the delegates bound to him. Just wanted people to have all of the information.

"An election is a short-term effort, a revolution is a long term project!" -RP

I don't think Romney hit over 50%

during the Primary, so they would be proportional, but our delegates could still abstain.

I don't know about the

I don't know about the abstaining process, or how that works, but he did hit over 50%

"An election is a short-term effort, a revolution is a long term project!" -RP

oH yea


We're on a roll! 25 is the

We're on a roll! 25 is the magic number. We get there and we win Virginia. 15 more to go (meaning we just need to sweep 5 more districts).


front page bump!

from the USAF

long time Virginian lurker...

I'm in the suburbs of Richmond, VA. Not feasible to try to become a delegate, but would love to go to the district convention and vote for the proper people/slate. However, I fail at the internet, and cannot find a page referring to which district Richmond falls in (or Henrico county, to be precise). Could someone please help?

I am PUMPED, totally watched the live streams of ME and NV on Saturday and actually took time out to pray throughout the weekend for those great people and our great cause.

Joe G.

Here ya go.

Click on your CD link and then click the pdf link. All the info you need.

I'm CD 7 ... West End Richmond.

Hammer down people, it's go time.

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Awesome, thanks for the info.

Awesome, thanks for the info. Looks like I'm in CD 7 as well (west end). Is there a VA RP person I can get in touch with to find out whom to vote for, or are we just supposed to show up a bit early and figure it out at the Hilton?

Try this contact


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Sweep Virginia for Ron Paul - Another State & We Continue to

Send a message to GOP, Mainstream Media and Americans that Ron Paul can win this election! Let's keep this snowball going!


My wife's a voter in District 1.

We're trying to find out where we could get a list of "approved" candidates for delegates.

Or, will it simply be people speaking about why they should be a delegate and then a vote occurs?

Active Duty U.S. Navy Submarine Officer...FOR RON PAUL!!!

See you in Gloucester!

I'm also a Delegate from the 1st.

If you can't reach the campaign, try contacting Jeremy Hodes (jeremyhodes@hotmail.com). He's the organizer of the local (Fredericksburg) Ron Paul Meetup group.


I received an e-mail from him this evening (5/6) that the official Ron Paul slate for the 1st will be distributed very soon!

I'm told that Jeremy himself will be one of those on the ballot!

It doesn't look like the RP support is all that strong for our district, HOWEVER, there are a LARGE number of people (attending as delegates as well as running for district committee positions) are that in FAVOR of a brokered convention.

We will have a good bit of coalition building to do!

EDIT: Shoot, feel free to contact me too and we can organize!

Contact Christopher Stearns

Stearns is the VA State Director for Dr. Paul in VA.

please call the campaign

please call the campaign tomorrow and get the info you need:

Headquarters Phone (Toll-Free):

Headquarters Phone (Local):



My wife's a voter in District 1.

We're trying to find out where we could get a list of "approved" candidates for delegates.

Or, will it simply be people speaking about why they should be a delegate and then a vote occurs?

Active Duty U.S. Navy Submarine Officer...FOR RON PAUL!!!