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Take Virginia! 49 Delegates!

Here is the deal. We can win the majority of Virginia's delegates! We have already won 7/9 delegates from the district caucuses that are already completed. Also, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were the only ones on the ballot so only those two candidates had people registered to be delegates. There are going to be several more caucuses coming up in 6 days (May 12th)!!! Please spead the word we need to sweep this HUGE STATE!!!

Here is the breakdown by distict:

1st District: 12 May
2nd District: 12 May
3rd District: 12 May
7th District: 12 May
8th District: 12 May

10th District: 19 May
11th District: 19 May
5th District: 19 May

Already completed (we took 7 out of 9):
4th District: 28 April
9th District: 28 April
6th District: 5 May

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More Caucuses In Virginia This Week

Bump for attention and delegates.

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We should be able to take

We should be able to take Virgina. There are many active and retired military U.S. personnel living in this state. Does anyone have connections (friends and relatives) who can reach out and motivate people to become involved?

+1 Bump more to this thread...towards RP to the




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Liberty Bump

Liberty Bump

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I love your signature. Rally

I love your signature. Rally at the Battle of Tampa. The Battle of Tampa will be a day that goes down in the history books.

Never Got A Call From The Campaign

I will contact the HQ in Springfiel, VA and see if there is anyway for me to get involve at this point. Thanks for the post.

God speed to you friend. You

God speed to you friend. You must carry the torch now. Whatever it takes. We need all delegates and anyone available to go to these conventions.

bumping this until may 12th


thank you

thank you