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Somebody PLEASE tell me that we are going to WIN Texas.

I'm just curious and I can't wait 2 days to find out.

What's the energy like in Texas. Is it better than 2008? Is it stronger?

Do we have momentum. Do we have a shot? Do we have it in the bag?

Please, somebody, fill me in. I want to know how the lonestar state stands.


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Campaign Donations Are A Strong Indicator of Future Results..

The donation ticker is almost at a halt even after the Tea Part Express rally. I do not know if the RP campaign did well selling stuff on-site. On another post relative to CA a commentor says he/she talks to people that don't know he is running. Imagine if RP supporters could have come up with the 2.5 million asked for during the taxpayer freedom bomb - you think the RP campaign could have run more T.V. ads in upcoming states - even TX?

Hopefully the lack of donations is not true.

Winning big baby :)

Winning big baby :)

Isn't the Texas primary on

Isn't the Texas primary on May 29th?

Does anyone know...

Does anyone know where voting will take place in Houston? Or will voting be done by precinct?

On a side note, this is my first DailyPaul post! Trying to do what I can to make sure the good Dr. wins! It's my first time really getting involved in the process. I must admit I was a victim of voting for the less evil candidate in 2008 but at least I can say I didn't vote for Obama. Not this time around! Ron Paul will get my vote if I have to write in his name.

Finally, I just wanted to say how proud I am of everyone working so hard to see that this country gets back on track! Thank you

"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." - Dr. Ron Paul

Texans DO NOT...

...DO NOT like Romney, and they have nobody else to vote for, so anything is possible.

Texas is proportional, and an OPEN PRIMARY

Very important to grab 3 friends and insist they bring 3 friends as well.

Let's get all the delegates we can!

One reason RP doesn't do better...

It seems logical that if people think Romney has it wrapped up and the race is over, no point in voting, right? Well, maybe to people who have stuff to do that might make sense, but to many retirees and such, a primary election is something to do (and it carries with it a sense of some accomplishment to boot), so they're going to vote no matter what. So if the older demographic doesn't see much of a reduction in turnout, but younger demographics do see a decline, the balance is a net loss in votes for Paul.

Our best hope is that enough media picks up the recent delegate victories that people take an interest in the primary again, maybe even a new flavor of the month (there would be hardly a better month).

I'm not holding my breath for that of course, but as far as our individual course is concerned, we only have one choice: Preach Liberty. Win or Lose, what else will you do for the rest of your life? The election just gives us a convenient reason to talk about it, but it's still what we'll all be preaching to our dying breath I'd wager. We'll just have to find new excuses to talk about it.

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?" -Thomas Jefferson

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We will win because the opponents lack conviction.


If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

I live probably the easiest county for Ron Paul

Travis county/Austin, TX--we had lots of Paul supporters at county convention--majority were Paul. We voted to have a precinct caucus.

Well, I got two Ronverts today

At a church function, too, which is amazing considering my church is full of neocons. But it can be done. We just have to talk to people, get the word out. The two I talked to today didn't even know RP was still running.

It amazes me how many people arent

even paying enough attention to know who is running and who can still attain the presidency...I was fairly disgusted that we lost to Santorum in PA (even though its his "home") because he was out of the race. Its just such an important election, I wish Santorum got 0 votes and in a perfect world with perfect people he would have. People just cant seem to be knowledgeable and up to date enough to understand the dire need to PAY ATTENTION. Especially now that the media is saying "presumptive nominee". I wish not a single person in Texas would not vote Ron Paul because they thought he was out of the race or he had no shot any longer. Its good you talked them into Paul, but man it bugs me that people are like "oh yeah I like Paul, too bad he didnt win" or "Yeah i like Paul, too bad he dropped out". For the rest of our lives and the future generations depend on these people going out and voting instead of not caring anymore...we just gotta keep pushing and getting the word out i guess!

Working hard in Smith County,

Working hard in Smith County, Texas. We might be able to have the majority in our CD and send 3 delegates 3 alternates to National.
Also elect our guy to the national nominations committee. 40 at large delegates/alternates at stake there.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Waiting for "the moment"

If there's something to what Doug Wead and John Stossel are saying, Wednesday is the big day when Paul starts to take off. How and why? Don't know. Wish I did. But if that's the case, maybe Texas and California aren't as big a long-shot as it seems to be today.

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As far as the popular vote...

We would have to own the company that makes the vote counting machines to do that. They will likely take the popular vote like they always do, with treachery and deceit.

I get mixed sentiments

Alot of people do not want to vote for ron paul unless he becomes the nominee. Too much apathy towards politics. It's a mixed bag. Some people are excited. It's mixed. Alot of work to do.

to be honest...

I am begining to think the talking heads would rather see Obama win than Ron Paul.

Paul's campain and caucus wins are downplayed on the radio, and the folks just aren't hearing the truth. Anybody but Obama is the mantra I keep hearing, and that anybody doesn't seem to fairly include Paul in the conversation.

Hopefully Austin, Houston, and San Antonio have support? Seen only one Paul sign in Nueces county, and a handful of bumper stickers.

However, if it makes you feel better, I've seen zero Romney signs and zero Romney bumper stickers in my area.

Nuecess County is a big Paul county

At least is was in 2008 when the GOP ran all over them and would not let them speak because there were "too many Paul people". They feared them. A case was brought to the AG and Secy State, but they dismissed it.

video of what happened there in 2008:


Yep...I remember that in 2008

I was there in 2008 and witnessed this event. It was horrible. However, I wish these folks would have stayed in the convention and instead of rumping.

As for this year, I hate to say it, but 2012 did not seem to have as many people in the convention. I was really disapointed at the lack of turnout and all the empty precincts where nobody showed up. Paul supporters could have swept the convention this year if the numbers were there like they were in 2008.

One good thing about the Texas Primaries this year is that they are being held the very next day after a Holiday Weekend. While all the others still have sunburns & hangovers and won't feel like voting, I know the Ron Paul people will turn out to vote no matter what!

Carol Paul said they were recently pulling just 15% in Texas.

I have been doing Phone from Home in Texas. They don't tell me where I am calling in Texas, but three weeks ago the people were very friendly when I was calling Louisiana. They would talk to me and we talked about the nominees and so forth.

Last week and this week when I was calling Texas AND California , they were closed and snippy and just plain nasty. The ones I contacted pretty much said they were voting for Romney. They didn't sound happy about it but they were not in a friendly mood and I found it REALY HARD to get into any kind of a conversation.

People think RP has dropped out. I want to be positive but I have to say whoever these Mitt Supporters are DO EXIST and they DO VOTE.

People seem very resigned to having to vote for Romney. That's my take on it. wish it were not so.


I have to admit...

I've been hammered with political calls here in Texas, and it's getting annoying. The callers just call at the worst possible times. Either I'm so busy at work, and it's just not a good time, or they call too late in the evening. And the Robo calls are the worste!

My pro-Ron Paul friends are saying the exact same thing. We've got pro-Ron Paul calls as late as 21:15 at night. I'm already voting for Paul, quit calling so late at night!!

If I'm annoyed as a supporter by the late night calls, I can only imagine what the non-supporters must be thinking. However, next time I get a call, I'll think of your post and try to be extra careful to be nice and cheerful. I know the callers mean well. I appologize!

A suggestion might be calling landlines instead of cell phones during the daytime hours. That might be more appropriate, and it would reach the older retired folks who are not so busy during the day who might take the time to talk to you. They are also most likely to be the Romney supporters who blow with the wind. Just a suggestion if you can tell the difference on your list.

I thought we had a law here where no robocalls after 9:00 pm

Or is that just for bill collectors? LOL!

I am not a Robo caller. I am an actual live person. A robo

call is made by electronic equipment with a voicemail.

I only call between 9pm to 9pm and that's also how the campaign software is set up. There are no options. That's it. It is not possible when I used the campaign software to call earlier than 9 am or past 9 pm.....it is preset. If you are getting calls after 9, then they are using their own software...or something not connected with the phonefrom home program. I don't know what software is used by the campaign for phone banking from the southern California (or any other) office.

As far as "when" I call.....I...like you am a VOLUNTEER. I sometimes take a break from my regular work for 15 minutes and CALL FOR PAUL. The software has it set up so when I hook into PHONEFROM HOME it dials numbers that are in the time zone so that I should be calliing between 9 am and 9 pm.

As it stands now, I am going to keep calling on my breaks from work, and sorry, I don't know what time people are eating. I could call when you are watching TV and that would be an interruption. I could call when you are putting on your clothes and that would be an interruption...the point is...unless I was calling to tell you you had just won a million dollars, campaign calls will be interruptions.

I could go on...about how only about one in 25 people answer the phone ANYWAY....and OMG did I catch that person eating? Well....sh&t....I got an actual person to answer the phone AT ALL!
Wow...now I'm caught off guard too! Think about it. It is really thankless. I only do it for our hero.

I don't think it is possible for many list companies [yet] to sort landline vs cellphone. If it is probably the list costs more.


thats exactly

what she told me...she also said romney not even going to come to TX...might send frothy santorum uuugggggggggggggg

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San, the torum, is our speaker at State Convention Banquet

And was $200 for that event - which I paid PRIOR to knowing that wee wittie fact

Susie 4 Liberty

Take one for the team. :D

Take one for the team. :D

Oh Poor You, poor all of you who have to listen to him!

Mitt paying him to go campaign I wonder.


wait 2 days to find out?

we have almost another month before the texas primary. Plenty of time to spread the word


Primary vote is what happens on the 29th of May. If Ron blows the lid off the Rommit Fraud... Delegates belong to Paul no matter what.

Now thats funny.

Now thats funny.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.