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Project End the Current Media System

I have come to the conclusion that the most damaging entity to this nation is the news media. Simple research shows them to lie and manipulate to the detriment of the American People. They lie us into war and are currently lying a president into position.

Ron Paul is winning states now and the news media is discrediting it. By doing so, they discredit the system of election that has been put in place. It is pure deception and not ignorance that they do not explain the process accurately to the people. The entire delegate selection process was by design intended to prevent a "mob rules" decision. The delegate process allows the more informed voters to make that decision; otherwise a situation could occur where someone in ownership of the media could wrongly convince the masses to support an utter criminal into office, whereas the informed voter who has done their own research could prevent this.

Even our caucus system is being affected by the media, hordes of media minions show up in support of the media's favorite, but still, they refuse to look at information or do any real analysis of the candidate they support. If you have any compasion, then you might actually feel sorry for the ill informed and have some empathy for them holding true to their beliefs which are based on their knowledge or lack thereof.

As far as influence on the popular vote, by the media not mentioning a certain candidate at all, it has an effect. This is a blatant effort to sway voting and has been done across the board from all media sources. Research will show that the media all seems to fall under the control on one small group in this country. It belongs to the very people who are reaping profits from the decline of our society.

We are a large group and can have an influence. Our supporters were almost all aquired by spreading our own information that the media in a very bias fashion refuses to recognize.

I say we accumulate a list of sponsors for the media. They have already lost a massive amount of viewers and dont' care, for their owners, maintaining power in our government is worth more than the millions in profit they are losing from their media sources, not to mention a Ron Paul presidency may very well spell the end of the gravy train for the owners of the media and their cohorts. It would on the otehr hand mean increased prosperity and freedoms for the people of this nation.

Lets do what we can. I have completely stopped watching the "news", for in fact it is not news at all, it is listed as entertainment and not required to hold to any standards of journalism and as can be seen, they certainly do not. I would appeal to everyone to never again tune into their channels or visit their websites, and to tell everyone you know to do the same.

I also suggest that we accumulate a the list of their sponsors and write letters/make calls in protest. And follow through by refusing to buy their products if they advertise on the major networks.

Of course I realize that keeping Paul out of office is more important to those people than losing profits, but it will have a slight impact and take away some of their power. For those who stop watching the media along with us, they will live a better life for it.

The step we can take to have a positive impact is to participate locally with our FCC and vote to remove the major networks from our local broadcasts. The media corporation that Ben Swann works for is fairly large with 47 stations nationwide, lets vote them into positions of broadcast instead.

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You can't blame the media as the sole

evil in this whole mess but they have played their part well.

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It has a name for it: Treason

It is our job to remind them of that everyday. We should organize against them. Cheating Ron Paul is just the beginning. They divide and conquer the American people - black against white, rich against poor, people against occupy, left vs right, young vs old, anglo against hispanic, americans against muslims. There's alot of other groups can't think of them off hand. Actually it is George Orwell's 1984 "Five Minutes of Hate", except its daily in a constant loop for the poor sots who tune in.... They tune in, waiting to hear some hope. What they get are crumbs, sprinkled with 24 hours of hate. Collectively we are all one maybe we'll live to see the power of that with tools of the internet. Here is proof that love and gratitude can change the world. It is work of a japanese scientist also writes about the group of people that chanted love and gratitude over the most polluted lake in japan - it actually purified it. He experiments with frequencies - opposite frequencies. We collectively have huge power and we could maybe detox planet earth, perhaps even Fukashima. Sounds crazy? try the rice experiment: https://www.google.com/#hl=en&sclient=psy-ab&q=water+crystal... His name is Emoto. Einstein's greatest discovery: "The universe is interactive". Don't forget! Stay in Love and Gratitude while fighting the good fight! While streaming live in Maine and NV Ron Paul had people standing by in Czech Rep, Spain, India, Scotland yesterday! The technology is a gift and cyberspace is unlimited. We just need to wrestle all of this away from those retard goons who grab everything.

The media is certainly the most damaging tool

But those abusing the media are the counterfeiters. The most damaging entity is actually the banking system which is the greatest counterfeiter in the history of the world. With their control over money, they buy out and attempt to control everything else, including the media and Congress.

Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is ten times more powerful than US Congress.