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Pirate Party UK Manifesto

I was lost on the Internet about 40 links deep when I found this little gem. I had never heard of this party before, but something mentioned on a British blog got my interest. I looked around and found the Manifesto for the party and was rather pleased with what I read.

If these guys are what they seem to be, I think they may be an important political ally for our Liberty movement in the future. Their main thing is free speech and web freedom, copyright reform, and privacy. They focus on these three main things, though they have many more issues that are similar to ours. Small government, legalization of Cannibis, national health reform, more rights and less taxes, electoral system reform, and more.


They are proud to claim they are neither left nor right. They are pretty new and growing slowly and steadily, but are only pulling about 8% in the polls.
What do you think about this?

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I am sure they don't pull 8% in any polls

The UK is controlled by the same two party system as the US (although they have 3 parties but that is only a technicality).

The UK population at best is as awake as the US and probably a lot less.

pretty cool

Liberty is spreading. Let's hope that it can spread fast enough to reverse the bad stuff happening.

If the US Libertarian Party

were polling at 8% for president they would be deliriously ecstatic.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It may be 8% approval rate

I dunno, maybe I misunderstood. (the British have a way with words that is sometimes too floral to be precisely understood: resplendent with verbosity)